Softie or Buffalo???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Pebble_Monkey, Aug 30, 2004.

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  1. Right then,

    I'm after a warm jacket / shirt for use in the field etc. What do people recommend, a Softie Shirt or a Buffalo???

  2. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    The Buffalo is much more versatile, although perhaps not as warm. You can control ventilation much more easily than with the Softie. Besides which, the Softie is now an issue item, so obviously all the cool guys will be wearing Buffalos! The other plus is that you won't end up with that dreadful oily look collar after it has been against your skin a few times!
  3. Had a buffalo 4 years and its still mint, had a softie for a while and its a bit of pain in the arse, they just arent sturdy enough
  4. In the field proper (webbing, guns and camcream), take a buffalo - its a great piece of kit. The softie is great for ops or if your a remf like me and deploy in a vehicle :D

  5. I had a softie all through Telic 1 (And since) and on the odd occasion that i needed a warm layer it was there to do the biz. The rest of the time I couldn't have found a better 'combat' pillow if I tried. Class bit of kit.
  6. I have a softie and I like it although it is getting a little shabby. I have not used a buffalo but some of the lads in the plattoon reckon they are the dog's danglies. :D
  7. The Buffalo is superb - warm, comfortable, thinner than a Softie and easily cleaned. Plus it compresses much better than a Softie, if you worry about that kind of thing. I know some Infantry types find it important for some reason. :?
  8. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    I have had a Buffalo for 15 years and it's still going strong, major bonus is you can be soaked to the skin and it will still keep you warm. Can even wear under a dry bag whilst diving, toastie. Make sure you use zip wax because after a few years of rolling it up the zips can stick. Then again buy both and see!!!!!
  9. I'll second that - had my Buffalo for fifteen years, still going strong. It seems to have shrunk in the wash slightly, mind you :roll: The trousers are pretty good; side zips so you don't need to take off the boots, just drop your trousers.

    I also invested in a Buffalo sleeping bag about fifteen years ago. Heavy sod, mind; keep being tempted to get something lighter and less bulky, but still as warm. It's good in that it has arm zips, so you can keep it done up while still cooking's also paid for.

    I've got a softie as well now. Buffalo+Softie when static, lovely. Actually, I've got two softies now, and on occasion they've both gone on 8), but not with the buffalo. I'm cold-blooded, but not that bad.

    Did discover a pattern-copy of a thermarest for £20 from those ever-nice people across the road from the Factory. Nice.
  10. Thanks for the advice so far!

    Still not sure which way to go but can anyone recommend cheap outlets for these shirts???
  11. Try Drop Zone supplies

    They also have the new issue softie.

    I found my buffalo shrank in the wash (badly) and find it easier to ventilate in a hurry with a softie - just open the zip as opposed to fiddling around under my armpits - but maybe that's a personal thing.
  12. If you are going to be reasonably active - Buffalo. If you are going to be mainky static or veh mounted, Softie. The reasons are that the Buffalo is pretty waterproof and the Softie is not, plus it can be adjusted via the side zips to increase ventiliation ie cool you down. I have seen blokes leg it from an ambush wearing Softies nearly faint with the heat. Being waterproof the Buffalo does not need a Goretex cover ( although sodden C95 smocks are still a pain in the posterior )

  13. Ninety-five of your English "pounds" for the Buffalo! Good thing the pound is not worth what it was back in 1967, or that would not leave me with much change from ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

    Worth getting a size or two too large in case it shrinks? Mini-me already has a Softie and I'm damned if I'm going to let him have a Buffalo as well.
  14. Nope. Buffalo works best close-fitting, worn next to skin (no layers underneath it). I've done Scottish autumn/winters wearing a buffalo and a smock, tropicals and some Brynje thermal undies. Gives the others something to mutter about (he's got his fishnet tights on again :roll:) but it's comfy so long as you're moving. Once static, out comes the softie / buffalo trousers.

    For the irony-impaired, I suspect all of our comments about "shrinking in the wash" are to do with the fact that we aren't as young or slim as we used to be...... quite a compliment to Buffalo that the kit lasts so long.