softie gonk bags

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stinger_sweaty, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Hey folks, just a quick one for the last 6 years iv been in infantry iv always used the issued maggot, no probs with it on the keeping you warm side, but the damn thing is just so UBER! and i need somthing a lot smaller now i have finnaly aquired a shortback bergan, after a bit of research iv found 2 maggots which might fit the bill the famous softie hawk 9 and the softie elite 3 both have a extreme rating of -5 the filling for the softie 9 is 1500 grams and the softie elite is a little lighter at 1400 grams but still have the same rating, now iv never used any other maggot asides from the issued one, if anyone has good and bad points, pros and cons on either of these maggots, pls pls pls can you advise me???

    many thanx. Rfn, 1 Rifles.
  2. I wouldn't take too much notice of the -5 rating. You'd never get any sleep in a Softie 9 in those temperatures. They are both very good dossbags though no good on an Afghan winter tour or a particularly cold winter night in the UK. Obviously a good insulation matt and adding a bivvy bag helps. I find the bloody zip always gets stuck on softies as well. Bloody annoying.
  3. the -5 is this the comfort rating, that to me sounds quite good, i can see myself gonna be on a few exercises in brecon and gerloch head soon, so i need somthing small and warm, can u recommend any others mate?

  4. I had a softie hawk and used it on Brecon several times during winter ex's. I found it to be the b0llocks and if you have the softie jacket then that doubles up as a pillow. an excellent piece of kit in my opinion, keeps you warm, dries quick and lightweight in the bergan.

    mate, this is one of the best bits of kit I had over the years (amongst all the sh1te)

    Would recomend :lol:
  5. Are you solid?
  6. There's no real standard for comfort ratings; everyone's different, so don't take them as gospel.

    If you're looking for a warmer-weather bag the jungle bag is OK when used with a rollmat and bivvy bag. It's also free, so it makes sense to try it before spending £100 on a softie.

    Shortback bergens are the same size as longback, anyway, just shorter and fatter. I can get my issue in there if I have to.
  7. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Mountain equipment used to do some decent doss-bags - used their TDS 1 at Leek, in a snowstorm, with the issue bivvybag and roll mat and was fine. Others in their issue maggots froze, go figure.

    I reckon it's all about your sleeping habits. I'm a very hot sleeper, so I sweated in the issue bomb even in Norway. If you sleep warm, you can take a lighter bag - however if for some reason you need the extra warmth you won't have it. I tend to take a poncho liner inside my bag so if it does get chilly, i can wrap it around me. Try not to use the warm kit in doss bag idea unless it's wrapped around you rather than worn.

    My two cents!
  8. i got a softee 6 with a thermal lining, works well in summer and a permatex 6 slightly bigger but brilliant for winter time
  9. I have just used a Softie 9(with Bivvy Bag and Roll Mat) during the Afghan winter and had no dramas with it. But as rightly said by others on this forum it does depend on the individual.
  10. right so iv decided softie 9 it is then thanx for the help fellers..

    whats it to ur?
  11. try the highlander super lite i've used it for years even in winter quite a nice bag actually.
  12. I have a softie 12. Quality dossbag, but as Fallschirmjager has rightly pointed out, the zip gets stuck with annoying regularity.
  13. I have a softie 6 , it's a good bag- it's pretty small though so I had to buy an expander panel. I am not that big 6 foot and 90kgs but it's a bit restrictive without the panel. Pretty warm though.
  14. I used the softie 12....I found that it was more than adequate in keeping me warm, somtimes a bit too warm. The only problem I found was that it was a bit small at the bottom (as in where your feet go). Not a massive problem, and would not put me off buying a new one !!
  15. I bought mine from this place

    They were about 1/3rd of the price of Australian suppliers- even with postage- not sure how they compare to UK, you have more competition and better prices. And I have had a few zip sticking incidents too, but overall it's good.