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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Timpatient, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. I'm keen to get another sleeping bag as my current one (Nanok Endurance -10), which was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, actually turned out to be completely hopeless and fairly massive to boot.

    Plan was to get a Softie 9 or 10 which I've borrowed in the field, but it seems there is also a Softie Elite range... does anyone have any experience of these, and should I go with an Elite or a standard Softie?

  2. At £20 from Strikeforce the hot weather bag might be worth a look.
  3. Thanks, though this will be more for the shivering-in-ditches type of soldiering than the sweltering hot variety. Softie Elite range have a different numbering system to normal softie.
  4. I was thinking of getting a Nanok for a winter sleeping bag... Well bang goes that idea!

    I know you're here looking for Softys but can I ask what went wrong with it, thought they'd make pretty good warm kit being from Norway and having down and all... My other thoughts were one of the proper mountaineering companies like Rab or someone, but thats getting pricey.

    In return I give you my information gleaned from use of a Softy 9 (can't remember the bird name for it) - good at the beginning but now, a few years on, pretty shite. Would do for 3-season fair-weather use or indoors, but if its winter outdoors, or just a freezing concrete floor in SENTA Farm 2 or wherever, don't bother. Plus points - it packs down a lot smaller than the 'bouncing bomb', so leaves you with room in your bergen for other stuff. Softy make bloody good jackets, but I wouldn't buy a dossbag from them again.
  5. I have a Snugpak Special Forces 2, which I think is roughly a softie 9, and it does the job. It is better than the 9 as it reinforced and also has a quick release zip, for when you get bumped. Furthermore if you are a real pansy, then you can also add a baffle and a SF 1 (Softie 3 equivelent) and happy days, you're warm to minus 15!
    The bag packs away quite small too, especially as it is a synthetic bag, which is heavier and less compressable than down, but dries quicker, unlike down. Plus the pertex shell gives it a slight water repellant finish.

    Just to finish, I've had my SF 2 for 3 years and it is still strong, with loads of life in it, and my mates who has had his for 7 years, I think, outlasted his issue one!

    Well worth buying.
  6. Hmm :s thats a million miles from mine... wonder what went wrong with mine then, if the SF2 is very like the Softy 9...
  7. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I have the sf 1 + 2 combo. Really good. I've used and abused the 2 for about 2 years, and it still looks new. So new, the long haired CO nabbed it...
  8. Mine's one of the synthetic ones, one of these:

    I've had a hard time keeping warm in it, I think it's partially that the bag is just too big, so there's a lot of unused space for me to keep warm. Coupled with that, the hood and baffle aren't a great design and I have difficulty keeping my head warm. The zips jam whenever I try to open the bag as well.

    Basically it's a good design but just not implemented very well. Dunno how people survive in them in Norway
  9. I've taken to wearing a hat and shemag/headover when in my dossbag - stops you losing heat out of the head hole and helps to recycle warm air back inside as well, if you pull the cord on the hood really tight...

    Sounds like all the extra space is a drama for you though. Are you just on the small side or do they come in mahoosive sizes? If you wore a Softy jacket or whatever inside it, that might take up some of the extra room and add some warmth?
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Erm, you're supposed to have space around you. You warm up the doss-bag, which insulates it, and the air around you is warmed up...
  11. Or a great big mug of 'man the fcuk up' before you go to sleep?

    But seriously I have a thermal mug of hot chocolate with me and have that before I go to sleep, gets a bit of blood flowing and warms me up enough to get to sleep.

    Hat is good idea too!

    I've tried a softie as I was frozen one night and felt worse off in the morning, cold sweat and clammy; dehydration etc. I have a Snugpak Vapour active that I'll sometimes wear if it is really cold, not too thick not to thin and weighs lighter than a fart.
  12. I use a softie zero cost £35 its ok from about mid march. Up to march i sleep in my softie suit in side the bag. if it looking like its going too be f#cking gibbering then out comes the bouncing bomb.
  13. I'd bet that most of the work keeping you warm is being done by the softie suit. I now sleep in jacket and trousers, on an inflatable mat and in a bivvy bag. If its very cold I bring out my USMC poncho liner and wrap that around me too. Its easier to pack than a bouncing bomb.

    I bought a softie Merlin 3 a couple of years ago and found it to be utter fcuking wank, even on a warm night!
  14. Poncho liner - fantastic bit of kit!
  15. Isn't a poncho liner just a padded blanket? Kinda like the hot weather bag but without the zip and hood?

    Does this 'sleep in softy jacket' work then? Have slept in fleece before but then you always get someone saying that you're actually warmer in just a T shirt :?

    The one that gets me is when someone says not to wrap up, because 'then you won't feel the benefit of warm kit come morning when you get up'... WTF, I don't want to lie awake gibbering all night then get up and put on warm kit, I'd much rather be warm when I'm sleeping cheers!