Softie bag and jacket

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by here_be_mike, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, sorry to drag another one of these up but I'm just after a little advice.

    Sleeping bag
    I was thinking of a softie 9 (lots of people on here raving about it) but I'm looking at the Elite 3. Same specs as the 9, size and temp rating, but has vents you can open to regulate heat. Anybody played with one? Its actually cheaper than the Softie 9 at my local outdoor place before anybody asks (£60 Vs £77).

    I'm thinking of the softie shirt, its like their pile version but using the snugpak filler so its got the same stats as the Softie Jacket, but smaller and has side vents to regulate heat. More expensive than the standard jacket but using the saving on the bag to make it worth while.

    Any recommendations/comments from everybody?
  2. I have the softie shirt.

    Warmer than a warm thing and comfy as feck. I'd recommend it to anyone and have done so.
  3. Do the side vents work nicely? Bit worried about getting one and sweating like a bald flange near johnny depp unless sitting on my ass.
  4. Aye side vents are fine and do the job as advertised in my experience.
  5. Thanks MC, thats that box ticked. Doesnt anybody have any experiance of the bag?
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I didn't like the bag, and my old softee jacket died.

    It's worth looking at the Mountain Equipment sleepwalker range. Light, but very warm and durable. I have the sleepwalker 1, and it's done pretty well from ex to rough camping in Sweaty land, in the snow. Recommended.

    Montane extreme smock is a good buy, RVOPS did me a good deal on mine. Haven't used the pile shirt.
  7. I thought the idea of softies was exactly that - to keep one snug while sitting on one's arse.
  8. On the sleeping bag discussion, call me a bluff old traditionalist but there is nothing wrong with the issued bag. I would never compromise warmth for size and weight. However, I do not practice what I preach, I have a RAB expedition bag, slightly lighter and compresses slightly smaller than the issued bag, but the warmest (and most expensive) nights sleep you can have in a shell scrape.

    As for the jacket, again, no compromise on size/weight. Go for the snugpak sasquatch jacket, warm as toast, but not recommended for anything other than sitting round in an OP!
  9. I've got the elite 3, and i like it. Handy having the extended elasticated baffle! Granted i've only used it wild camping, but always been plenty warm enough!

    Likewise for the shirt. Ample in most conditions, just over a base layer. If the weather is wet, still fine under a gary gore-tex!

    Like the look of the sasquatch jacket an all. Only for stagging and range days i would say.

    Don't think you can go far wrong with Snugpak kit to be honest.

    Montane looks quality as well!
  10. I've got a softie Antartic sleeping bag which compresses down to smaller than the issue bag, but is much warmer. In my view always go for a good warm nights rest over weight/bulk where possible.

    An alternative is too go for a softie 9 and issue softie jacket and trousers - on the premise that you've got to carry them anywayt, so you might as well sleep in them and save weight.
  11. I have bought and use the softie 9 sleeping bag. But when compared to the issue bag - the softie 9 is a lot smaller when compressed, but the issue bag is a lot warmer. So it's a compromise. I use both depending on climate.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Depending on your role, that is not always possible. The doss bag can soon start to look like an optional extra!

    I agree with you on the lightweight bag/softie jacket combo though.
  13. Try buying some lightweight fleece material at wholesale price and have someone sew it up as a sleeping bag liner. Use with the issue doss bag and you wont get cold this side of a nuclear winter.

    Good to put inside a bivi bag and carry on patrol or any place you dont take your bergan. Wrap in a 58 poncho roll and fix it to your webbing if need be.
  14. Or buy a fleece liner
  15. Softy bags are great well worth the money as per the jackets was talking to a woman who does rockclimbing/mountineering and her mates have got some softy type jackets out of Primark and they rate them very highly so have a quick butchers in there and save yourself some dosh :wink: