Softie 9 or 10?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by andb, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Need a sleeping bag for all year round use mainly in the UK (TA!). I'm not sure whether to go for slightly colder 9 with a liner if needs be or the 10 then open it up in the summer for ventilation. I'm getting a softie jacket too so would the 10 be too hot in the winter with the jacket?

    I'm sorry I know this has been covered many times before and I've just read 20 pages of search results but still can't decide!
  2. If you go onto a military course over the winter period, they check for the issue bomb, or softie 12 or over! (including Brecon)
  3. Gibbered for NATO in a Softie 9 two weeks ago, SE Engerlund. Used the Bouncing Bomb next night, afetr apologising.
  4. What were you wearing at the time? I'm thinking of sleeping in my softie jacket then if I'm still cold using a liner too.

    Do they really check your sleeping bag? I thought all that would stop after CMSR?
  5. If you wear all that crap in your bag, you WILL BE COLDER. The sleeping system works by having that circulation space around the body.
  6. So what do you recommend? Sorry I'm new to this!
  7. I really wouldn't think about sleeping in a softie jacket. Lets say you get bumped, new orders, whatever. You need to bug out from your hide sharpish quick time. Worst case scenario, you are sweating your knackers off through a few miles worth of fighting withdrawl, then once you finally stop, and your body temp drops, you now have no warm kit to put on.
    Keep the G10 bomb for winters, Softie 9- with fleece liner if needed- for the rest of the year should suffice if you really want to buy a new bag.
  8. As above, issue bomb or softie 12 and over. Use the bivvy bag as well (would recommend a thermarest full body, mega warm) this is what I used in -33 in Norway and was toastie.
  9. Good point made about the Thermarest. I bought one before Telic, and it kept the heat in nicely through the nights then, and still does now, 5 years later. It was also ace for sunbathing on once the war had finished! 8)

    Yes, they are expensive, but providing you look after it, it will become on of your most treasured pieces of kit and last you ages.
  10. thermarest rules when sourcing a civvy sleeping bag chose a rab bag. Its big its red and its like a German gas oven hot.
  11. I have a softie that says it works down to -5. Does it bo11ocks. Softie make shit sleeping bags.

    I use the softie for summer and the issue dosbag for the winter. I know it takes up half your bergen but it's worth it in the cold.
  12. I've got the American modular sleeping system, and it's the dog's back wheels!!! There's a few kicking about on ebay at the mo. I agree with Chibber softie doss bags aren't all that, just get a decent civvy one or the yank kit. It doesn't matter what colour it is as it's in a bivvy bag. Also those re-usable blue bags fram Ikea are tops for putting your feet in so you don't shit up the inside from your boots. Can also be used for collecting brass, carrying link/extra ammo etc I use one on ex all the time, it holds shed loads!
  13. Recon 4, robust, extremly light, size economical mil sleeping bag.
    Zip in zip out mozzie net- your patrol will be moaning about the midges while you lord it. Extra layer of filling at chest area for extra warmth where it is needed. Reasonable sizings for the big fellas.
    Re-enforced at bottom with nylon oxford p.u. (so you can sleep with boots on) All the seams have been binded for extra strength and waterproof protection. Two way double slider heavy duty Spiral zip makes bag squaddy proof. Anti snag zip with velcro tab closure. Temp rated - 10 oC good for summer or winter. 100 % waterproof oxford material extra layer on rear keeps the moisture from rising up from the floor. Flat filled not quilted to overcome cold spots. Pure silver ultra thin micro fibre layer in filling offers anti-bacterial properties as well as increased thermal properties - stops the bag stinking after sweaty squuadie has been residing in it for a prolonged period.

    This is the bag of choice if you spend a lot of time in the field.
  14. I've got myself the Antarctica re softie 18 think i paid 110 quid for it. a good bit of kit though.
  15. Crikey, all this talk makes my trusty '58 maggot seem rather... passé?