Softee Gonk Bags

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hattie_Jacques, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Having borrowed a mates gonk bag the other week, I have decided that i most definatly need a softee (or similar) lightweight something or other gonk bag to replace my millets cheap shite thingie which is almost but not quite as bulky as the good old bouncing bomb...

    Now what would you suggest for use in the summer months in the UK, and where is a good (i.e. cheap) place to get em?


  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Used issue 'jungle bags' are being flogged by 'Soldier of Fortune' now for about £20 and are machine washable. Excellent bits of kit which pack down very small. I've been comfy in mine in a cold German October, when used with the issue bivvy bag.
  3. Got a new Arktis Halo 3 off Ebay for £35 inc p&p. Similar to Snugpak Merlin 3, comfort is down to 5degrees c. Good quality, and stuffs into something 10ins by 8ins. Great piece of kit
  4. i second that top bit of kit, and as a bonus it can unzip and fit in a single duvet bag for when the Mrs sayes you are too p1ssed and makes you sleep in the garage. Or is that just me!!
  5. Got to recommed the Softee option though, I had a 6 for about 8 years and its still in good condition after 4 Ops and countless exercises. I'd recommend the 6 for summer although it gets bloody cold in winter/cold places although using with liner/bivvie bag helps. Just upgraded to a 9 for added toastie warmness without too much weight.
  6. It depends how "tactical" you need to be. If you are in a situation where you can securely bivvy up, get your boots off etc then the Snugpak softy bags are great, I've got the 3 - 6 & 9.
    If on the other hand, you may have to bug out at a moments notice and so spend your nights sitting on your bergen necking down Pro-plus, you may be better off with a poncho liner. You can still wrap yourself up and get reasonably cosy without compromising your mobility.
  7. Used to use a Vango, like the Softee 6, but a bit more robust. Recently changed to the Spam poncho liner - excelent piece of kit! You can get them from any PX, friendly American or Ebay (just seen 1 go for $20).