Soft Tissue Damage

Got told i have soft tissue damage on my ankle after a pain shot through it whilst doing weighted squats in the gym a few weeks ago. Only really gives me any trouble when i go out running on the tarmac, so have laid off the road running since monday as it's felt better this week so want to give it time to heal properly. I'm able to go boxing without any pain and also go to go gym (bike, rowers, etc etc)

Anybody else come across this STD :D ? Did it heal quickly? Did it give you much trouble?

My sis has it, but its on the foot.....shes taking ibruprofen (800 mg three times a day, double the normal dose) to deal with the inflammation and pain. It is safe to take double the normal dose, but take it with food as it aggrevates the stomach. DISCLAIMER: But I suggest you clear it with a medical professional before you do!

The Doc said approx 4 weeks to feel no pain, although shes on her feet all day at work so its taken a little longer than she'd hoped.....hope this helps
Yeah thanks, the doc said to take ibruprofen 400mg 3 times a day which i have been doing. Will just carry on as i am and hope it clears up by the time i get to Catterick.
Soft tissue damage is pretty vague, can u describe it more? where abouts in the ankle is the pain etc and does anything else bring on the pain - other than squatting with weights? are you doing too much too soon? Either way if it is a muscle and it is damaged, ull do more harm than good by putting on a brave face and hoping it goes away - poentially causing more hassle than its worth. With any injury its much much better to nip it in the bud in the early days if you can... if you leave it and it becomes a chronic problem you might never be able to get rid of it
I got it checked over at the walk in centre and she said its not a muscular or joint injury, it was just damaged tissue. The pain was on the inner of the leg and ran from an inch above my ankle bone up to just below where my calf muscle starts. The most pain occured while running and i think it was brought on by pounding the pavement and also for an hour or so after a big run the pain would be bad. However, I've eased off the running the last couple of weeks and the pain has completely gone, last time i went running last week i did a 4 miler with no pain at all. I've been training in the gym throughout this time aswel and the ankle is not troubling me in this activity whatsoever. I'm going to wait for the snow to clear and get out for 1 or 2 light runs before 10th January but i'm pretty confident the problem has passed now. Thanks for the responses.

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