Soft shell jacket

Can any one recommend a half decent soft shell that I can use for walking at a decent price.
Sorry if this has been asked previously
Rab, The North Face & Haglofs all do a good range,

I've a TNF Apex Bionic & highly recommend it.
Are the north face ones good. I'm a bit put off by them. I bought a waterproof jacket and it's like wearing a bin bag. I bought a sprayway goretex on sat for £80 half price. It's a belter.
Don't get me wrong it's not for anything major. It just while we run the expedition wing at otterburn this year so wanted a wind proof as its quite windy up there


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stanley workwear from the range - 18 quid grey or brown. light and comfy.
Believe it or not the softshell jacket by Webtex isn't actually that bad, I use it myself, mind you I got it trade price being a retailer *yawn* no love for the brand but it does do the job
This shell jacketn isn't cheap but it looks the dog's bollocks

Shell jacket
Arc'teryx Bravo Jacket, is an awesome bit of kit. Very very high quality, however you get what you pay for, so their not cheap. Haglofs is also another top option!
Believe it or not try B&Q! I got a Snickers workwear one from there and it's mega. Used it loads, stands up pretty well to the infamous south armagh hedges so quite hard wearing and really good waterproofing properties too. Set you back about £85.

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