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Discussion in 'Travel' started by syledis, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. I usually use a samsonite case for travelling to / from work but we have been told from now on its soft luggage only due to space
    restrictions etc.

    Can anyone recommend a good soft backpack style carry on bag with lots of pockets, robust, padded for a laptop etc.
  2. TNF use to make good backpacks years ago, these days the models all seem alike.
  3. Victorinox luggage.
  4. Cheers

    Need it for Friday!
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    Out of interest which airline is stating that you can't take Hard cabin luggage ??
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  7. I have one with blue and white stripes marked Tesco.

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  8. Its not an airline, its my company as we have space restrictions on choppers and small aircraft so we need to be able to squash luggage in, hence no hard luggage from now on
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    I see .... I just use my Medium sized North face bag for travelling offshore , 10kgs and there's plenty of room but no extra pockets ! Bloody things bomb proof as its been all over the world but a bit ££££ !
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  11. SwissGear Computer Backpack: Electronics

    Swiss gear back pack, bloody brilliant and so far the only one that has lasted more than 6 months.

    Only drawback is that things tend to settle in it so it can go a bit pear shaped, (looking from the side,) which can make shoving it in overhead lockers a bit dificult.

    Otherwise 5 mushroom heads.

  12. The one I linked to are done in black.
  13. Ill call them in the morning and see if they can deliver by friday