Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Biscuits_AB, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. I'm going over to Soest tomorrow........anybody want anything bringing back? Currywurst, Pommes Mayo. frikadelle?

    Leave you list below:
  2. I think Aunty Stella would like his front tooth bringing back.

    You could also see if there is any footage of the 3 Regt chaps singing the theme tune to 617 (Dambusters) whilst running up and down the Mohne Dam :D
  3. Biscuits_AB

    Have a great trip. Currywurst und Pommes mit mayo, sounds like order of the day.

  4. gieros mit pommes und 1 ltr ash bak dank
  5. Sorry lads, I did a BBC and ate the lot. Well, it would have been cold by the time you got it.
  6. :lol: I went back to soest last year. The pan was a wobbely brewery and the camp a refugee camp. ah well happy days 88 to 93