Soest: Today

I'm over here checking the old place out. I took some pics, and uploaded them - - there.

Feel free to steal any that take your fancy. The password is soest1

One thing that's really pissed me off - "Zum Lohner Eck" is no longer a pub. Some bugger's living there.

And the B1 is a quiet road now, what with all the Autobahns around the place now. Dortmund/Kassell was it when I was there.
Blacky mentioned a few places, but I know nothing of them. But here's what Blacky said:

The Old G is now a cafe of some sort of a club for oldies but no longer the beer stop we knew before.

The Film Cafe is gone now too. Couldn't even find anything that recognised it and was told it's been completely re-done out.

The Big Ben is still there and intact, contrary to reports I'd heard that it burnt down. It looks identical from the outside but is shut down now.

Anno 1888 was closed and about to re-open just after I returned to UK but I have pics of all these and more, which I'm going to do a small article for the next Newsletter so watch out for that when the next one comes out.
Lightning said:
More added this afternoon.

Some pics of Hammersmith Barracks in Herford. too.

Password soest1
Fcuk me, can't beleive the state of Block 52 now!!

The one man bunk on the left (thats now been concreted up) used to be John GR's bunk and the one on the right was mine. Some good p1ss ups had there.

The bloody Mohne looks a lot scarier than I remember as well. Amazing how youth and 12 hours drinking down town would make you invincible enough to jump off the fecker (the straight side, not the curved side!) at 7 in the morning.

Am over there in October en route to the beer fest. Got to have a beer in the old guardroom just to see if I can have the pleasure of sinking a Herfy in the exact spot where I was incarcerated on 3 seperate occassions during my 5 years there (all due, funnily enough, to Yellow Handbags, Wobbly and Grolsch). Through the old front door, past the desk on the right, through the next door, turn right and there was my rather small bedroom for a while :)
Thanks for posting the pictures Lightning. Hammersmith Barracks are still the same as I remember them from 1958 and very good to see them again.
I was also at Iserlohn for a while, so the pictures of Soest rang some bells regarding the Canadians,
When I was first posted to Soest the Eck was closed waiting for new management. We became very friendly with the new team of Hannes and Irina.

On our way to Bad Sassendorf as it was a closed day at the Eck and there was a private party was in full swing. The window came open and Hannes asked where we were going. We said well you are closed. His reply was "We are never closed for you".

On telling the locals we were off to Ireland in '75 they offered to hide us!!!!!
On our return we never bought a drink all night.

Now I feel like an orphan, tell me it hasn't really closed.
That says I should know you !!

When I started drinking there it was run by Stuart (an ex-REME man from 5FW, iirc) and his lovely wife Brigitte, a local lass.

When Hannes and Irene took over Larry (my bud) and I carried on as before, which meant that we were there most nights. Forgoing the pleasures of the cookhouse for the much nicer stuff available at the Eck. And Hannes and Irene were the nicest hosts you could wish for.

I was touched when he insisted that we use "du" rather than "sie" when addressing him.

Who are you, then ? :)
andy. "Little old wine drinker me"

Just dug out a photo of Hannes behind the bar and another of Irene posing outside, just by the door. If I could post them I would.

I remember walking down to the Eck on a dark and stormy night not a German stirred from their home. We played dice with Hannes all night for beers and he never won once. We drank for for free and he ran us back in his BMW at the end of the session.

Getting a lift back to camp when we were the last men standing was not uncommon. Top man never forgotten.
Another tale from that time, not from the Eck but from the Schutzenhalle next door.

The sqdn provided a Gaz for a crash and rescue effort by the local feurwehr. That night we went to a do at the schutzenhalle.

Up walks the firebrigade bandmaster to enquire if we are with the helicopter sqdn. On receiving an affirmative, he disappears to return with a tray of beers, followed by a tray of schnapps, both repeated at intervals for the whole evening. No idea how any us got home but a superb and free night out!!!!!!!
just had a shneb through your pics omg they bring back some memories i didnt think i would recognise things but i did cheers for that xxxxxxxx
I well remember Stu and Brigette and the extra portion of mushrooms available on request for the jaeger schnitzel. Gawd, I'm drooling even now.
I reckon I must have put nearly a quarter of my wages in their jukebox and first weekend after payday was spent in there paying off mats and running up new ones.
Cracking place!
I like photo no 52 of the Wankum sign post. In that village there is a bar called the Wankum Hof. The sign was tactically relocated to a certain bar in RAF Laarbruch many years ago.

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