Sodhexo Armed Forces Childcare Vouchers.

Hi fellas,

does anyone know whether there is a snag with the system or are they just late crediting accounts this month. My voluntary sacrifice has been taken from my pay, and my account is usually paid on the last working day of the month but it still hasn't. Just wondered whether anyone else were in the same boat, or whether it's just my surname (it is the same story with my wife).

Thanks in advance for any help or information.


I've just rang sodexho as we had the same problem. Supposedly a problem with JPA. They have said the account will be credited on monday. Hope this helps.

That helps a lot Panch, thanks very much. We did phone sodhexho but they were unable to help as the retard we spoke to told us we had to go via customer services and they wouldn't be available until monday. Thanks again.

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