Sodexo to take over Military training

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Right at the end of this article detailing the 'superb value for money' the sale of Qinetiq was for the UK taxpayer - no sorry that should read 'senior Qinetiq managers', you will find this interesting snippet.

    I know that there are some robust opinions on arrse concerning Sodexo, what say you to them training our blokes?
  2. The article says Sodexo are taking Land Securities place in the consortium. As such they will be providing Estates support, they wont have anything to do with actual training.
  3. Its a French company. Do I need to say any more?
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I thought we already had SCS doing most of it for 3 Div?

  5. Land Securities (originally Land Securities Trillium, LST) have been replaced by Sodexo in the Metrix consortium (headed up by QinetiQ). They are not the same company.

    LST is about estate management. They have never done cookin'. They would sub that out.
  6. Does anyone else remember RoboCop?
  7. They do alot of the catering for offshore oil rigs, everythings on the cheap with them anything they can do to save a penny they'll do it.
  8. Aka 7th UK Div, and sitting nicely alonside the coterie of former RLC officers who have formed up 105 Log Bde.
  9. How much training will be lost during the term of this contract due to facilities not being maintained properly - in the event of injury or death as a result of the same - how long will that one take to go through the courts?

    PFI - Dontcha just love it?!
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  11. sodexo are a bunch of cnuts

    some young chavvish lad that works in our scoffhouse, speaks to you like a cnut ... was close to banging the civvy tw@ out last week
  12. Just watched it last night! :wink:

    Merc: "Can you get us Military weapons?"

    CEO: "We practically ARE the Military." :twisted:
  13. Really, I don't know what you're all dripping about! Have you forgotten just how much most cookhouses improved when the military chefs moved out and Sodexho moved in?? This is just the defence of the nation that we are talking about, nothing particularly important, and I for one am confident that Sodexho and partners will do just a good a job as they do on the sprouts...
  14. My experience of them is somewhat different but still poor.

    The food and facilities are excellent. The staff, less so. The weakest link is the proliferation of supervisors and managers, but there still no-one who can operate the till or fry an egg for you.

    The food is actually of the highest quality, but is occasionally ruined by poor preparation, or a chef, who is a chef in name only, who has a food hygiene certificate, but little else.

    The cost to me is quite reasonable, but for every pound I spend, a whopping 63p is paid by my employer to them. That's no doubt neccessary for all those managerial salaries.

    Sodexo (formerly SODEXHO? Why did they drop the 'H'?) like to operate in an environment where there is no competition, so HM, government and public services are a big draw for them. It also allows them to operate in a manner which is highly suitable and convenient for them, but not the client.

    I believe they are are/were banned from tendering in several French cities because of widespread bribing of local government officials?