Sodexho Mess Contracts

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Arthur_Wellesley, Aug 13, 2002.

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  1. Can someone please explain why the standard of service we receive by these people is tolerated???

    If they were providing the same standard of service to a commercial organisation, their contract would be terminated or they would be sued for breach or contract.

    What do we do, let them put the prices up instead and employ cleaning staff that spend 5 hours a day on tea breaks and 30 mins cleaning the Mess.

    Why, Why, Why :mad:
  2. Quite simple really.  They were the lowest bidder.  I assume no one will listen and do anything about it until the mess members make enough noise.

    I know that the RA Mess at Woolwich went through a number of contractors before getting the current batch.  Same staff but different employer.
  3. They did loose a lot of contracts in the civil service, the biggest being the Home Office for consistently poor service. I understand that Sodexho is a French company who's parent company run the public water system in Paris.

    C'est la vie.
  4. Oh I see, the truth is out, the French are determined to destroy the great tradition of the British Army Officers' Mess from the inside.

    This smells like a conspiracy that stems from the highest level.

    Immediate action is required!!
  5. I think the smell is because they haven't cleaned anything, but don't worry I got my waste paper bin emptied last month
  6. I don't think much of their cover plan.  Surely to do an effective job of infiltrating the mess and not blow the plan the cleaners actually should be able to clean.  There's no point in going under cover if you're crap at it.

    Darned Frenchies get everywhere.  Out I say, OUT
  7. Less for the one with big breasts she can stay at least till the staff Christmas party, hic. don't get them out agai.......... opps too late
  8. Can we get rid of fake-leather-grey-slip-on wearing men please?
  9. Good idea.  That will mean getting rid of the RAF Regiment straight away!!!!
  10. But who will defend the dangerous end of the bar at Winterbourne Gunner, you can't leave that sort of responsibility to the RTR alone.
  11. Such are the sacrifices we all have to make in the line of decency.  Rest safe in the knowledge that the world will be a better place.
  12. Decency and Sodexho never thought I'd see the day they were on the same thread.
  13. try the Garrison officers mess in Aldershot. we've just got hot water back after 3 months. and for shift workers don't expect to get an eveniing meal if you book it a microwaved meal left out on the bench.
  14. From the Financial Times this morning........I hope it cheers you all up!

    Sodexho falls after 'account anomalies'

    By Adam Jones and Louisa Hearn in London
    Financial Times; Sep 20, 2002

    Shares in Sodexho Alliance, the French caterer, fell 30 per cent after the performance of its UK arm deteriorated amid "serious errors of management" and "accounting anomalies" in its gardens and grounds maintenance business.

    It also accused PwC, its auditor in the UK, of "not being sufficiently vigilant".

    PwC declined to comment, citing client confidentiality.

    Sodexho announced yesterday net profit for the year to August 31 was likely to be €180m-€190m, instead of the €210m ($209m) expected.

    Sodexho blamed six factors for the swift fall in profits in the UK: a group of about 20 poorly performing staff canteen contracts that are being renegotiated; losses at a new hotel management venture in which Sodexho tried to add new roles, such as running the reception; provisions for doubtful debts; write-offs of obsolete IT equipment; accounting "corrections"; and restructuring charges.

    The French company said the accounting anomalies and management errors were confined to Sodexho Land Technology, a gardens and grounds maintenance business.

    Sodexho, which ruled out fraud, said it had called in an unnamed independent accounting expert "to strengthen our analysis and internal audit process".

    Members of the regional management team were replaced in April, with Mark Shipman replacing David Ford as UK and Ireland chief executive.

    Sodexho said: "Fiscal year 2001-02 in the UK will be seen as an accident in Sodexho's development. It has set our long-term objectives back by one year."

    Sodexho's claim that organic sales growth would bounce back from less than 2 per cent - the figure forecast for 2001-02 - to 5-6 per cent in 2002-03 encountered some scepticism.

    Charlie Cottam, an analyst at WestLB Panmure, said: "In terms of outlook, 5-6 per cent looks a little optimistic. We would expect to see another downgrade within the next six months."

    Provision for the UK accounting anomaly was made in Sodexho's interim financial report, with an exceptional net charge of €22m.

    Sian Herbert-Jones, chief financial officer, said the company had been alerted to the anomalies by abnormally high balances in the accounts, caused by sales being recorded for which the company would not actually receive payment.

    "Receivable sales were recorded where the receivable looked doubtful or unrecoverable," said Ms Herbert-Jones.
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Being of a glass-half-empty nature, I imagine that they will boost their profit margins back up by squeezing the easy contracts - i.e. ours.

    Cheer up, things could be worse - and probably soon will be  :'(