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Soddit mode

As tom jones says" Its not unusual" our 3 year old Ford has only done 3500 miles. Being now retired, its for local shopping runs, and the occasional visit to family. When working I would do 500 a week. I cannot be the only bloke who's use of his car has decreased since retiring.
When I retire, I'll save nearly 1600 miles a month on the car.
A mate (ex forces) was in soddit mode, military pension (his missus too) both in good jobs with no kids. Flash cars, nice house, several foreign holidays a year. Earlier this year, contracts Covid 19 and was dead 6 days later, he was only 53 and was fighting fit before it took him. :(

My ahh soddit's tend to be second hand gizzmos like a camera that was too expensive new but a bargain second hand or a new jacket that was reduced and has given a great deal of wear. Enjoyment can be had over a wide bandwith of expenditure. Sometimes the cheaper end is overlooked. Other ahh soddit's were looking at the daily specials and sitting in for a nice meal rather than cooking at home. I miss that sometimes, especially when the places have changed or gone altogether. Quantities on the plate though seem tiny in some places compared to what they used to be. Spend more for healthy balance :roll:
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