Soddit ! He was good

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cutaway, Mar 11, 2005.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The world has become a sadder place today as I learnt of the departute of my favourite drunken Bog Trotter and expert with the sawn-off shotgun, Dave Allen.
    At least he outlived two of his more lunatic critics, Lord Longford and Mary Whitehouse. If they meet up on the other side they'll still lose the argument - and the plot ! Many thanks for all the laughs Dave.

    'May your God go with you.'

  2. Another brick in the wall of my childhood crumbles. :(
  3. A tragic loss

    Many fond memories of watching my father wetting himself laughing at Dave Allen at Large and ripping the pish out various subjects including his favourite target the catholic church at every opportunity. A nifty suit, a stool, a fag, a large jamiesons and off he went.

    RIP :(

  4. That still cracks me up! RIP.
  5. sad loss
  6. RIP Dave

  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    And stop brushing the little buggers onto me!
  8. A great favourite during my formative years. Fortunately I already have a few videos so will not get caught out as they are released again.

    Phantom piddler strikes again was one of my favourites from his repertoire.

    Hope the 91/2 fingered old git is well received wherever he ends up as he certainly made me think better of religion than any religious type chappy.

  9. What a shame. Always funny, especially his Catholic jokes.
  10. sad news that.... used to think Dave Allen was fookin brilliant
  11. He was one of the truly funny guys on TV

    RIP Dave
  12. Seldom laughed so hard as at the conclusion of his outrageously long shaggy dog story about the terrors of the night and how he awoke to feel something crawling up his body towards his head, when it reached the top of the sheets he quickly grabbed it and bit down hard. At this point he held up the 1/2 of the 9 1/2 fingers and just shook his head.

  13. i remember he had thing on telly for a spell back in the 80s and i clearly recall sitting with my then best mate mate from school wetting ourselves laughing at him. despite being on mainstream evening telly, i can remember thinking it was a bit near the knuckle compared to most stuff i'd seen. a naturally funny man, sadly missed on the box for many a year now, RIP mate, you made me and millions of others, laugh long and loud
  14. Beanz wrote "laughing at him. despite being on mainstream evening telly, i can remember thinking it was a bit near the knuckle

    Bit harsh on the 91/2 digit man
  15. :roll: lol ok
    not what i meant though, but then you KNOW that