Sodding about with place names

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheIronDuke, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke On ROPs Book Reviewer

    It must stop.

    Bombay has been Bombay for a very long time and was quite happy. Mumblesbai sounds silly. 'They' will tell you thats how the locals pronounce it. But the bleedin locals are translating the original Portuguese 'Bombahi' from Marathi into Hindi then into English. So its bound to sound a bit weird. Anyway, Londoners pronounce London 'Landing' but nobody is suggesting we change it.

    Bejing? Stick it.

    Kar-Bul? Never. The locals pronounce it like a dog coughing. Try that you BBC ponces. Eye-Rack? Septics taking the Mick.

    Bring back Constantinople or I for one am just going to start calling places by names I made up. Like what 'they' do.

    Burmongham anyone?
  2. Glayska (Glasgow)
  3. never mind places, what about countries...

  4. Cymru - what the f is that when its at home?
  5. Never mind place names, why do pubs, which have been around for Eons change their names.
    Meet you down the God and Duck , now called the Slug and Betty Swollocks.
    It takes forever to RV with someone. I am going to change my house number , then we are even............ or odd.
  6. Surely sodding about with placenames is part of British military tradition from Wipers to Shaibeza.
  7. Can't see what all the fuss is about really. You're bound to get these discrepancies when your dealing with different languages.

    Mind you, it's quite funny to listen to a Wop couple (you know what they're like - if you've got two Wops, you've got three opinions) arguing about the pronunciation of Loughborough, with one maintaining it's "Luffboruff", while they other says it's "Lorraborra". It must be particularly difficult for foreigners in the UK.

    The other thing is how the Septics rick up the English language and how readily the Brits adopt their penis-eyed (cozza da fückin' censor thingy) pronunciations. Since when did "rhetoric" (rertOrik) become "rEttrik"? I can't think of any more examples at the moment, but I know I've been noticing them over the years.

  9. Why is it that the septics mispronounce Aluminium (Aloominum), but then have so much trouble with Worcestershire (War-chest-ter-shire)?

    Peace Out.
  10. BBC English: Debris now becomes debree. A Lancaster bomber is a Lancarrrster......and so it goes on. Terrible.
  11. Funny you should mention that. I lived in America for four years and was on the road with a Septic buddy, we were visiting his folks who lived in Womington, Kansas, who insisted on pronouncing it "Wester-shy-are". When we crossed the federal state border into Kansas, I remarked: "Ooh, we're in "Kinsaw".

    He didn't catch on a first, until I explained that if the one state was "Aarkinsaw", then this one must me "Kinsaw".

    All through the ten days we spent there, I drove him round the bend with "Kinsaw" at every opportunity, but the fücker still wouldn't pronounce "Worcestershire" properly! :D :D :D

  12. Bath/Barrth
  13. Constantinople? Surely you mean Byzantium!

    Aquae Sulis.

    On a lesser note, this one’s from when I was growing up in Liverpool.

    When I was about four years old my family moved to a part of Liverpool called Huyton. When we moved there, there was farmland across the road from our house but after a few years the council bought it to build a grim tower block estate. They called the new estate “Cantril Farm” after it’s previous use, but such was it’s reputation that all the locals knew it as “Cannibal Farm”.

    A couple of years before I joined the army the council decided that they needed to change the image of the place, but in typical local government fashion they did nothing to deal with the real problems there. Instead, they just changed its name to “Stockbridge Village” and spent thousands of pounds on new road signs.

    Thereafter, people from outside asking for directions to there (God alone knows why) would get a response from us locals along the lines of :

    “Stockbridge Village? Never heard of it, mate. Do you mean Cannibal Farm?”
  14. Glasgay
  15. Cymru is Wales when iti is at home. zimbabwe onthe other hand is a ruined city in Rhodesia, which it is still unclear which civilisation built...