Sod that for a game of soldiers

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Green_Garfield, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. I have just finished Sod That for a Game of Soldiers by Mark Eyles-Thomas.

    F*cking brilliant book, this bloke joined the Para's at 17 then got send to the falklands in 82 that lend to three of his close friends being killed at the battle for Mount Longdon.

    I recommend that you give a read,
  2. Cheers, I'll make that one of my next ones.
  3. His mates were that were killed are all buried in the military cemetary here in Aldershot, I certainly looked at those graves in a different light after reading his book.
  4. It's an excellent book, on a par with Nigel "Spud" Ely's "For Queen and Country"
  5. Just re-read this book. Strikes me as a little gobshite tbh. "I want to go SAS", "No", "Well I'll sign off then". Or "blanking" a marine in the faulklands, or bragging about not having any kit in arctic conditions - really smart boy that one, or gobbing off to a sergeant major, or telling his mate's parents their boy wasnt a hero after all.

    Jesus, does this guy ever stop?
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  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    As I recall the book (which I think is the best 'war' book I have ever read) didn't make me come away with the opinions that STN has above has but each to their own.

    For my money, everyone should read this book and especially anyone thinking of joining the army or RM.
  7. I agree with screw the nut. I liked the book but I didn't like the author, the fact that he despised the marines for having his parents greet him off the ship, because they wern't worthy of it apparently?
  8. With a chapter left I think it's been a cracking read. He's given an honest and sometimes emotional account of his time in the Army and more importantly of his time in the Falkland's.

    Surprised by Screw The Nuts comments to be honest. Unless all his points come to light in the final chapter (as i'm yet to read it) I wouldn't say he was bragging about lack of artic kit at all. He actually complained on several occasions regarding the fact the soldiers had been sent out without their Bergans containing the much needed wet/warm kit.

    It's no secret that Para's and Marines tend not to get on, i'd say he despised the Marines prior to the 'hero's welcome' not because of it. I Didn't like the fact he blanked the Marine either but that just seems to be your typical Para attitude to everyone none Para.

    I haven't found the book to be dull or dishonest at any point. It even got to me at times, especially his final moments with his pal Grose and how the Army had ruthlessly cleared his fallen mates bedspaces/lockers for the next person before the Btn had even returned. Very sobering indeed.

    Nothing but respect Mark Eyles-Thomas who i believe didn't bullshit or big himself up as some authors do.

    I recommend this book to anyone.
  9. (He Doesnt like 'hats') Just finished it (he doesnt like 'hats') good read (he doesnt like 'hats') however, it becomes apparent towards the end that he doesnt like hats!
  10. don't think you can apply that across the board. sat in the mess with a few on more than one occasion, and found them excellent company.

    so either they're not all like that... or it's my electric personality ;)
  11. Fair enough CRmeans, i think i'll go with option 1 though!

    To be honest most of the Para's i've come across have been good small numbers mind.
  12. I have heard that old chestnut rolled out a few times on here. Show me any organisation where thats not true. Football supporters, golf club members, rugby players. Of course the blokes stick together and have a certain ethos and banter when they are a group. What group doesn't?
    Going onto the book, I found it an excellent read and I thought it was brutally honest. I think the "Hats" comments reflect a feeling at the time. In 1982 there was a feeling amongst Para Reg that the Marines were grabbing the glory, with an excellent PR machine. That changed as events rolled out, but there was a lot of rivalry then, and I am sure there still is. But, get on a course and in reality we would have more in common with the marines than a county infantry Regiment.
  13. Hi i have found him a nice bloke, just wanted to spill his guts, about what happend to him,,, and nothing wrong with that,
    There was at the time a "marines done everything"
    when i was in hospital i was asked if i was a marine, when i told them i was 3 para they said did know that 3 para went, but now i know a few marines decent lads, and now older and wiser we all need everyone,
  14. I looked at this, but bought Ken Lukiowak's "A Soldier's Song" instead, which I thought was very good indeed.

    How do they compare?
  15. I agree with screw the nut, this book left a hell of a lot of questions unanswered.

    And how dare he slag off the Medics stating "they will get another bottle of Champaign from their fridge"

    What a cock they guys saw more horrors than he could ever imagine, not saying the guy did not see terrible things, but do not slag off others when you have obviously not researched what they did.

    Also it was all about M-E-T. When you talk about going down the pub with your mate you would normally say "we used to go down town drinking" But this dick "I used to take him down town drining with me"

    It is very very vague.

    Light the blue touch paper and stand back

    PS I know the Medics at Ajax Bay did a grand job, as I witnessed this first hand as they looked after me and yes I am a Hat.