SOCP Dagger!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Benkins, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Just got one from states was interested in it because of unique design you guys ever seen them?

    Here are some links


    Meant to just go in MOLLE and be a last ditch weapon
  2. I think that you should definitely take it to basic training with you.
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  3. Your mates are going to be very impressed - just don't let the CFAVs confiscate it!
  4. That series of photos of the fella with the pistol looks very much like the next photo involves forgetting it's there and putting it four inches into your own thigh.

    A very silly idea and probably less use than your bayonet. If you get into a situation where you're relying on a knife you've bought off the internet to fight for your life with you're probably already as good as dead.
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  5. Plus if you do get in that position you're wasting time time by drawing your stabby thing then drawing your pistol instead of going straight for the pistol.

    I like shiny things but my mind is screaming no.
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  6. Can't see much use for it, in this age of the e-bluey.
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  7. Lol I don't think I'd take it basic. I just bought it because found the idea of it interesting and also the fighting system goes with it.
  8. I'm sure your local constabulary will show a similar interest.
  9. The idea of having it interesting? How depressing is your life?
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  10. What regt you joining?
  11. Ma it's not illegal blade is only 3" and allowed to own sheathed weapon if not branded as a combat knife.
  12. Call that a knife? This is a knife:

    Or this is a knife!

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  13. That's gay as ****. Now this is the shizzle. I wear this on Ops all the time

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  14. Amazing