Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by random-nothings, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. I've used the old "1000" mile sock liners in the past to prevent blisters and found them of some help - does anybody have any experience of going the whole hog and getting the gucci thorlo shock absorbant jobbies on top, or are they just over-rated? Cheers all!
  2. New clever techno socks are great - but all feet will give out given enough time wet and walked on.

    I think that the fit/break of your boot is probably more important than the sock in any case and the state of your feet the dominant factor.

    So invest in some proper civvie hiking boots (Brasher Boots are my pref) for exercise / ops

    Now where did I put that sandbag
  3. Bridgedale do a great coolmax liner sock that I've worn under Thorlos, Bridgedale's outers and issue arctic socks at one time or another. They work very well - down to the whole 'designed to wick' technology or something. I still tape my feet underneath though out of painful experience of LostBoss' point.

    1000 mile socks I've only used for running as I always found them a little thin for use in boots.

    Boots wise I've worn issue matterhorns (when they ran out of Proboots - what is G4 anyway...?) and more recently Lowa combats. Both excellent and wear like slippers but with a goretex lining. 8)
  4. Cool, cheers folks - oh, while I'm here - everyone has been raving about sorbothanes for years but I never bothered and used the old issue cheese graters instead (also heard that they were shit when wet), I'm getting knee pain nowadays and wondered if a pair of £17 sorbothanes might be worth a quick splash?
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

  6. Yes - very much - absolutely. They make a real difference.

    Now if things to go wrong Sorbothane do a second skin pack that cushions the Blister with a gel envelope thing - doesn't help to cure the blister but will get you by.

    If your feet get to the "look like lard and peel like soggy newspaper" stage Landrover do something called - "the landrover" that might help if you have one in your Bergen.
  7. Worth considering as they'll cushion the impact for your knee a bit (had it checked out?), but like with the sock combinations (especially arctic socks) only get them if there's going to be enough space in your boots! I had to discard my sorbos as they lifted my toes up too much and caused contact. Trial and error mate maybe just try some for a day and see how they go. Keep an eye out on e-bay as they do show up cheap there sometimes but generally I rate them highly.
  8. I swear by black laced top stockings.... always worth a splash :D
  9. i've got a concrete sock , i keep it under my bed for the occasional "menage et moi" :D
  10. Stockings are fine but I find the sussies chafe when you get past the 10 mile point -must adjust the webbing.
  11. Cheers - Thanks for the top-tip about the landrover too, that was magic :) I'll have a quick browse around ebay and see if I can find anything vaguely shock absorbant prior to booking an appointment with profeet avec crap knee. Cheers everyone, hugs and smooches
  12. If you are having knee trouble you could do well to see a Chiropractor as Knee problems can often be attributed to compensation injuries associated with lower back / hip alignment.

    Or they could just be knackered.

    You could go for the taken 'brufen until numb rehabilitation method.
  13. and I was planning on splashing on them, if you had been bothered to turn up on saturday..... 8)
  14. Cheers lostboss, I'll have a look about - thanks everyone....might give the sussies a go too, just for the aesthetics of it you understand. :)
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Oh, and you'll need an extra sock in your gonk bag.

    A soft towelling one is best.