The socks that were issued for the likes of Balkans tours, white ones with a red stripe around the top, quite possiblt arctic issue, are these still available , or has anyone any idea who the civvi manufactures were?I ask because these were the best socks I ever owned and my last pairs are now dying a death.
wrong ones, my issued socks are similar to the old green jobs , but they are black , sweaty and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite, I really want thoes ones I was on about. Anyone?


Artic sock it still issue...the desy ones are far better...third model now...still great
If you are going to buy socks, buy 'Smartwool' ones. They are not cheap, but they are Merino wool and better than the bestest thing ever to put on your feet. They last ages and, being Merino, can go for several days without showing it.
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