What socks have you guys found good, esp for tabbing long distances?

Currently have the 1000 mile socks and issue socks, but looking for somthing a bit better.
Big fan of the desert issue ones myself
Smartwool are good, but a bit on the pricey side. Thorlo is my second favourite, but go for the longer ones as the standard length lets the ankle of your boots rub into your calf.
Bridgedale or the current issue desert ones. Both brilliant! Wouldn't put another pair of 1000 mile ones on again even if you paid me.


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Artic socks every time. Nothing else comes close
I was a bit dubious about the Thousand Mile Socks but they have come through with flying colours for me. essentialy it is an inner sock and an outer one, the rationale being that the two socks rub over each other and spare the skin on your feet. Had them for about 5 or 6 years and get them out for special occaisions light tabs/CFT etc. Eight quid well spent.
thumper563 said:
Big fan of the desert issue ones myself
Yep, i use them in my civvy boots as well when i go walking. And a darn site cheaper than other brands, free exchanges.
Found the 1000 mile jobbies to be absolutely pump.

Back in the day I wore out a pair bimbling round a 2 week OTC camp which in itself says enough.

'How much tabbing?', I hear you ask. It was a digging in Ex.

Avoid like the plague!

And no I didn't wear them constantly...
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