The reason I am posting this here, not in mil history or the naafi is that I would like a decent response for once.
I was sorting my work socks the other day, the sort I wear in safety boots as opposed to a suit and realised that I dont have a pair of socks as tough or as comfortable as my old issue socks. Bear in mind I left over 20 years ago I had originally been issued the horrid green hard socks in 81, the artic socks in 85 (white) and the general issue green (as good as artic they tried to tell us which is why they withdrew the white ones) in 87 and it is those 1987 vintage socks I am still wearing 3 days a week in safety boots.
I do like woolen socks and can darn but little seems to be as good as the late 80's issue green combat socks with the loop stitch layer in the sole.
Whats the current sock like and what I am after is are they worth looking for as I will one day need to replace my old thinning issue ones!
yes I know I am a tight git but my Grandad was born in Yorkshire!
the ones we seem to issue these days are black in colour and hard wearing.
if your after a pair/s try somewhere like silvermans or even the people that advertise on here.

your grandad was from yorkshire, my granny was from scotland, is that worse!


Way worse, its like a Yorkeshireman with al the generosity squeezed out of them!
Thanks, I remember the Rifle Depot issued black socks and black wooly gloves but they were the old pattern late 70's early 80's. Do the new socks last?
HJ Hall Commando socks are what you are after. They just keep going! I wear Lorpen Hiking socks now. I can't fault them.
I've been using these with work boots and walking boots for about five years. Warm and hard wearing. Ankle socks but a generous height - enough to pull up over long-johns. Thick sole but not too bulky to wear with shoes, and comfortable over a thin sock when its really cold.

DeWalt Socks Pack of 2 Pairs |


Interesting, I remember looking in wonder at a Jock who had worn a hole in the heel of his shiny green ones.
What happened to the old 'Army Greys'? My GrandMa and Great aunts had a batch of Griswold Hand Sock machines and used to produce these during the First World War.
My Mother used to take these to the Factory to get the toes linked (sewn up), these army Greys were still on issue in WW2 and I got issued with two pairs!!!
Our local factories (including HJ Hall) produced these and post war I worked as a mechanic on sock machines and some of the original machines were still in use, we have one in our local museum.
There were also white ones produced the same as greys and I remember there were a few issued to us in Italy in 46. I remember one old sargeant telling us to dye them in tea to make them kahky!!! Silly sod.
So when did they go out of service.?

From a company called Beeswift, a brand called Click. They flog workwear.

While at a previous firm I got quite a few of these at cost price and stockpiled them. Part of my "seige mentality". They used to do four colours and I got a random selection but mostly black and green ones. They suit me just fine and shoud do the trick for you.

Job jobbed.
icebreaker makes great socks (for the colder weather). also smartwool do great stuff.

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crap, not smartwool but woolpower- they do stuff for norwegian and swedish army- and you can wash them in normal temperature, as well as tumble dry etc.


Because I pick up my leisure socks at Game Fairs etc I tend not to keep track of the maker so when worn out I forget the brand or trader. Thats why I lliked my Issue socks for work boots. I still have a pair or two of seaboot stockings that I bought for a really cold winter in Omagh, Christ that must be 1987!
I buy Blackhawk! socks I find them comfy for just about every thing. I get them cheap from HK ( £20 for 6 pairs ) as there £11 a pair in the U.K
If you want nice warm ones with a decent length these RAF ones are pretty good. SOCKS AIRCREW TERRYLOOP MK3 NATO GREEN 22C/8440-99-770-2843 Sometimes see them on ebay


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All my issue ones are in the loft - both Green and Black. Bridgedales for me. That said they have longevity issues when they end up in the wash with Velcro smocks. Had a set of 1000 mile socks - the single rather than the double layer - that were bombproof but I always seem to pick up socks from a store and haven't seen any since.


Well if anyone has any pairs of unused isuue socks I wouldnt mind giving them aa trial, perhaps we need to run some tests on here?
My Black Issued socks live in a MFO box somewere I much prefer the White Summer ones and the ECW ones
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