Sock puppets in the Bugsy thread; whos who in the zoo?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by auscam, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. I am under the impression that STP is/was Airfix*, I know that Durchy was Wedge, I used to be puzzledgrunt until my email address vanished, but as to the rest, I'm baffled, frankly.

    Anyone care to submit some informed speculation about the many and varied alter egos around here?

    * FFS, he's returned as some Bugsy-obsession-thing, which isn't helping!
  2. I'm Spartacus and so's my wife and you are the reincarnation of Sven and I claim my ten shillings.
  3. I'm Smudge, always have been until my account got banned, then reinstated.

    No idea why people feel the need to have multiple accounts?

    Except Flash perhaps, because everyone I know, and speak to thinks he's a 1st class c0ck.
  4. Maybe because all the people you know and talk to are cocks?
  5. Aaaand they're off and racing in the ARRSE Vituperation Steeplechase!
  6. Without a doubt, that's the way I roll
  7. Very weak come-back......
  8. I'm agreeing with you, how is that a weak comeback?
  9. (muses, strokes chin reflectively)...although ARRSE does seem to be getting its mojo back, I've been giggling like a loon in the last couple of days...
  10. Ah I see. I think I've found the level of your 'wittiness'. You just want to copy me because you actually want to be me. Understandable I suppose.

    Tis starting to get mildly amusing again :-D
  11. Chubb was actually an invention of the COs as whenever their ugly, not cancer infested abortion of a creation popped up on the boards posting increased 23% and morale by over 40%. Unfortunately Flashy wasn't "in" on the whole deal and got upset when the COs knocked back his amorous advances.

    Do I get a prize? Or do I have to pretend to be a girl to get someone else who's not who they say they are to offer something they can't, or something...
  12. Tell you what Jarrod, it can be about :)

    How's that?
  13. Blimey! I'm also Good CO and Bad CO. I had no idea I was chubb too 8O
  14. You're very popular, for a misa...mizzen...cunt. What's it like? Being popular, I mean; I know all about the other.
  15. I feel like Brian from Monty Python. Followed by a bunch of deluded fuckwits aint all its cracked up to be you know?