Sock it too him....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ord_Sgt, Apr 17, 2005.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well done that man - and that Judge.

    Original article.
  2. [marq=left].....<APPLAUSE>.....<APPLAUSE>.....<APPLAUSE>.....<APPLAUSE>.....<APPLAUSE>.....<APPLAUSE>.....<APPLAUSE>.....<APPLAUSE>.....<APPLAUSE>.....<APPLAUSE>.....[/marq]
  3. The son's bed...what a scubber.

    Was she wearing ron hills and white trainers ???????
  4. Good on the judge, and good on ya Kevin.
    Some things you just dont do, and that guy has now realised thats one of those things!
  5. Excellent

    It's about time somebody in the legal proffession showed a bit of common dog.

    Well done that man

  6. Here is a good example of the British Legal System, compared to the American one. Here, the guy still would have gotten charged and probably convicted of a BS battery charge.

    I guess common sense isn't so common anymore...
  7. Bet Sarn't McLean wishes he'd hit him a few more times now!! A few bevvies over the bar in THAT Sergeants' Mess I warrant?

    Fair shout, can we have that judge as Lord Chancellor and bin Fat Charlie?
  8. Fat chance (sadly). :roll:
  9. "I am told you were confronted with a certain amount of cheek".

    Two pairs to be exact, one pasty and flabby, the other moving swiftly towards the door!!
  10. i am familure with this couple both ginge(sgt mclean) and denise
    there are two sides to every story.....
    ginge had an affair with kath mckenzie for a few months prior to him and denise splitting up...........denise was still living in the house and the night in question ginge was suppossed to be at kaths....(she is in his ta unit)......denise told kevin she was going on the pull......he turned up at 4 in the morning and beat denise so badly she was hospitalised.......there are always 2 sides to a story.........that was lies made up by the defence because ginge pleaded guilty the victims could not put forth thier sides of the story
  11. yeah i heard about this down the pub........the guy was only about 5"2 and ran in the sons bedroom because he heard kevin beating up denise...........kevin is still with that girl in his ta unit that he was having the affair with.......a lot of folk that know the "true" story were pretty sickened that a guy could allow the lies to be printed in the paper blackening the name of his kids mother......takes all sorts
  12. If 'Ginge' was supposed to out, as so 'Denise' according to your side, who looked after the kids then? Why wasn't 'Ginge' charged with 'Denise's' assault if he beat her so badly? Distinct smell of tuna waftin in this story :D

    IMO - having it off in your kiddies' bed in just wrong in my book; having it off in your kiddies' bed in the place you may still share with your ex is asking for trouble. Whether sober or not, my heels would be heading towards the nearest orifice on my ex if he did that in my place :wink: If she had pissed off elsewhere all of this would have been avoided.
  13. sound like a very respectable and friendly couple, the kinda couple you want to make friends arrse!
  14. Kevin "Ginge" Mclean-Top Bloke,Salt of the Earth and a Damn fine Signaller. :) :) :) Well Done The Sherriff :lol:
  15. you forgot to include 'wife beater' on his CV!!!