Socilaist MSP sent down for nuke protest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 21, 2005.

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  1. MSP jailed after nuclear protest

    Scottish Socialist MSP Carolyn Leckie has been jailed for refusing to pay a fine following an anti-nuclear protest.

    Ms Leckie appeared at East Kilbride District Court on Thursday for non-payment of a £100 fine.

    She was arrested during a demonstration at Faslane naval base in August 2004 and unsuccessfully appealed a breach of the peace conviction.

    The MSP was jailed for seven days but it emerged that she would spend one night in prison.

    This makes a mockery of our justice system and the alledgely high moral standards of politicians. I personally think that anyone with a criminal record should be prevented from being an MP (or MSP) as they are meant to be an upstanding member of the community who represents their local community and should set a good example.

    I understand that she has her views on nukes etc etc, but being in the position she is, she should have (legally) made her views in the parliment rather than chain herself (illegaly) to the fences at the submarine base and cause a breach of the peace/disruption to the running of our national defence network.

    Scum of the highest order!
  2. I disagree with her politics, but I'd happily go to prison if it was truly a matter of principle.

    Scottish and a socialist? Truly scum of the highest order. :D
  3. B*llocks!

    jail her. If she is truly dedicated to her cause then she should be grateful for the opportunity to suffer for her beliefs!

    pretenious gits the lot of them :evil:
  4. What drivel. Everyone has a right to protest within the law. This woman made a decision to break the law, and must accept responsibility for her actions.

    If I were one of her constituents, I would wish to know how she feels that gaining a criminal record aids her in representing her constituency, and how she can achieve her best for those she represents from a prison cell.
  5. exactly!

    How can she claim to have the moral high ground (not they do nowadays :roll: ) when she is now a criminal, who blatantly broke the laws of the land and disobeyed the orders of the scottish court

    Worst thing is she is only doing one day of her service! That must be a record. That is a bout 15-20% of her sentence! Not even little scrotes get of THAT lightly!

    Is this soft treatment because she is an MSP (or is it just that we cant fit them in cornton vale any more :twisted: )
  6. What is her constituency?
  7. List MSP (see msp who wasnt good enough to get voted in normally) for Central Scotland