Society gets the army it deserves - discuss??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by fozzybear, Dec 19, 2004.

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  1. Hi Folks

    First posting. Been popping in and having a good read for a year or so, but thought I'd 'enlist' and drop a post.

    I left the mob about 11 years ago, and found that my peers and I were light years ahead of most of our civvy counterparts. We cut through a lot of the civvy bull and achieved some great results. However, from reading a lot of the posts, our PC society seems to have turned the army into a much closer mirror of the civvy street I joined (and am currently still posted to).

    Crying shame, IMHO. I'm sure the troops could be as solid as they once were - or maybe they still are, and the stories of red cards and the like which I've listened to with horror are fables. Would someone like to give me the lowdown on what it's really like in the Corps these days??? :?:
  2. Text of post does not support query in the subject - still, first post and all that.
    To try and answer, we need to recognise that 'society' gets nothing. Deserved or otherwise. It gets what the Cabinet decides it will have. In this latest version, much that the people want is ignored. Reduction in HM Forces, hunting, immigration - the list goes on and on with imposed nannying and repressive legislation from pre-birth to post-grave.
    Also, society is a many-faceted thing. We used to have working class and upper class. That has gone. Some working class have made their way into the upper class and more and more upper class have to work at something other than dropping dirty knickers on a filthy bed and calling it art at £30K a go.
    I'm a racist and want UK for the British. My wife believes in integration and a socially diverse population and thinks we should be open to all and sundry whilst accommodating their every wish. We are both 'society' (Neither of the above statements are true)
  3. To answer your question Fozzy the Corps is as good as it ever was. Sure generations change and there is much media hype and smack talk about the young kids etc but when all has been said and done the Corps delivers and it delivers with as much kick as any other military asset.

    The Corps continues to move forward with many new projects coming to fruition which will change they way the Army operates in this Century. Behind these projects are personel of the highest ability keen to see the Corps continues to succeed.

    Operationally the Corps continues to be at the forefront of capability with a lot of major success stories especially from places like Iraq.

    For many its an exciting time for others who fail to see what is happening around them (cant look past the NAAFI) the Corps is shite, oh well you cant have everything.

    As an ex Corps member you should still hold the Corps with pride.
  4. As a person seconded to the Corps I have to fully support the above, very well put and completly correct - my time with the Royal Signals was very well spent - however being in the original Teetharm does bring its advantages :twisted:
  5. Society gets more than it deserves! If society in general got the Army it deserved, we would already be a militia (less than 100,000), we would have poor training, poor equipment........ too many bad things to list................ we would be a bit like the Italian Carabinieri - absolutely crap, but the uniforms would be designer label!

    Does anyone else feel that just because the government have made a decision that a lot of 'society' dont like, they then blame the Army and MoD for deployments, where we are making the most of bad situations. Some of the young kids are top rate and have just got to drag themselves further from the dross of average teenagers to get themselves to an acceptable standard (although I still wish more of them could beat me on a BPFA) :)

    We had the benefit of sports 3 x a week, being able to run around without parents locking us in. Society gives us a poor starting point, but I believe that relatively, we give society much better than it deserves.
  6. I feel the people get more than they should from the Army.

    A lot of sh*t is spouted from the papers ie, deepcut, bullying and such. But there is one thing that can't be rubbed out.

    The army, and the services in general, deliver time and time again.

    Mad Cows, floods, missing kids on dartmoor not to mention wars and similar conflicts all dealt with professionally.

    Even when the firemen were poncing around looking for more money, there the lads were manning the pumps, then straight to the gulf for most.

    And the Royal Corps' is just one part of all of that. Times have changed but the we are still a professional army, even if kit isn't always there! :wink:

    As a US navy aircraft commander said about his younger crew members.

    the kids today aren't going soft, I work with them at their best, every single day.

    As true for him as us. Although i'm sure we're in line for another kick in the balls from the papers soon.

    Increases the sales don't you know.