Society damaged by Labours politically correct policies

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. Society is being damaged by Labour's politically correct policy of multiculturalism and the fear of causing offence, according to Dominic Grieve.

    ...and he's dead right. Sadly, over the past few years it's become apparent that there are not a few people on this board happy to shriek "racism" or "Intolerance" at the slightest hint of Incorrect Thought or independent spirit.

    Screw you if you're one of them, I say. I grieve for the intolerance we used to enjoy in this country: intolerance of crime, criminals, corruption in public office, authoritarian public officials and their departments, foreign bastards and all their works, surveillance of anything other than our ports of entry and the expense accounts of our Members of Parliament. Read the article; think of how we could do better.
  2. Sounds about right to me.

    In the same way their benefit policys have encouraged thousands to just fester on sink estates.
  3. Political Correctness is a waste of breath if it allows one group to hold sway over another - Positive Discrimination for want of a better term. Personally I don't hold with it. I feel a much bette rway would just be RESPECT. Respect for others, respect for youerself. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

    I don't want people struggling to find the right terms to use when describing someone. A black man is a black man, not a 'non-white'. A short woman is still a short woman, not 'a vertically challenged female'. A Gay man is still a gay man, not 'a homosexually orientated male'. Dressing it all up in stupid terms just makes us all look pathetic. We don't have to be dregatory (we don't need to call them Niggers, dwarf or poof, for example) but let's all stop being silly about our language.

    Except of course for ginger, fox-piss smelling coppertops. They're fair game for anything because they have no soul.
  4. Eh.. :? ..whats being happy got to do with being a shirt lifter, uphill gardener or fudge a spade spade...
  5. With the binning of the Jade Goody thread I fear the deathly fingers of Political Correctness are closing round the throat of ARRSE, even as we speak. Historians in the future will look back on the PC madness and wonder WTF we thought we were doing!
  6. My missus works in a library. There is a 'child' who comes in every day to get privately tutored, I think she has been expelled or whatever they call it now.
    Yesterday she said to someone who inadvertently looked her way "What the fook are you looking at". Nice.
    Anyway she was escorted outside.
    She will be back in tomorrow doing exactly the same.
    The people who now are in control of this country (and I mean from the local councillors upwards) don't understand the basics of respect and rights, they just want to live in their airy fairy world. I wish they would, and leave us normal people to run the country normally.
  7. Good post WB.

    PS For me PC means personal computer and not sad loser or the politics of such persons. :D
  8. I fully agree with Whiskybreath.Where will it all end?
  9. It's a sad fact of life that society is ultimately influenced by those that make the most noise. The point about the website being touched by the PC vibe is interesting. I'm sure the COs don't want to censor or be "PC" but there is a real chance of backlash from those that do.

    In the wider picture, the same happens with health and safety, equal opportunities, litigations, terrorism/religious fanatics, the f*cking "credit crunch" etc. These are all ridiculous/make believe concepts that are made very real because people are willing to pander to the few that gob off (and sue/make money from) about them.

    Normal, rational people get dragged down to the lowest common denominator through fear of being subject to ridiculous consequences if they are seen to let things happen...

    WRT to the original post, yes, this is Labour's fault as rather than nip these things in the bud, they've continued to make the country less and less sensible.
  10. It is a bit galling that the current motley crew have rammed PC values so far up our rear ends that we now feel the bile in the back of our throats. And now the BLAIRS expound Christian values, when they did crystals and "we don't do God" less than two years ago. Again forgive the cynasism but are we seeing another major U turn?
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It isn't really political correctness which is causing the breakdown in society, it's the inevitable result of a welfare state that protects people from the consequences of their actions and inactions.
  12. Definitely.

    Look at the fiasco around the banks, the Baby P debacle and of course (most recently) the cases of....

    1. An 18 year old nonce being housed with a foster family who were NOT informed of his nonceness. Well, until their 16 year old daughter was molested and their 2 yo was raped.

    No sackings or anything more punitive than "inquiries" lessons will be learnt etc.

    2. A baby was allowed to be fostered to a couple who were NOT informed that the baby had a high risk of being HIV positive. This was to "protect" the babys natural mother.

    Again no real action taken.

    And this isn´t in Harengey.
  13. I blame the continued tolerance and tax breaks for fee-paying schools, creating an educational apartheid that runs through our fractured society like a seismic fault.

    The ability for those who get rich off the labours of others (such as irresponsible bankers gambling with others' savings) to buy their children out of mainstream life into a cultural dead-end reminiscent of the days of Empire should be stopped immediately.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Why? And how?

  15. Utter tosh.

    Ever since man learned to use tools this has happened. Big Bloke learns to make tools, bloke teaches other bloke to make parts of tools that other bloke put together. For them doing this Big Bloke gives the other bloke some food. Other blokes give Big Bloke lots of food for each tool. Big Bloke ends up bigger... Bigger Bloke then gets the local Wise Elder to tech his offspring and pays Wise Elder with his surplus food.

    Do you think we should send all kids to the state controlled school? There will be no Fee-Paying Schools and no rich folk. All of or children will be equal (some more equal than others) and will all learn enough to get by, but not enough to rise up aganist the state.