Socialist Worker alive and well in London!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Themanwho, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. Yesterday afternoon outside Holborn tube station, I was stunned to be accosted by a bona fide pinko student, complete with knit your own tofu cardigan, red woolly beret nicked off her granny, faux - NHS glasses and CND badge. She was clutching a clip board with a petition on and shouting "Stop the evil tories' cuts!", whilst her comrades were trying to sell the Socialist Worker to all and sundry. Unfortunately for them they were trying to do so right next to two blokes giving the Evening Standard away for free. An apposite comment on the relative merits of socialism and capitalism!

    Alas the standard of Godless commie scum totty has deteriorated over the last 25 years, and she wasn't even worth stopping to mock, let alone try to convert to right wing Godliness...
  2. Out of interest, how much does The Socialist Worker go for these days? How much can you peddle twaddle for now?
  3. Yours for a fiver a month!
    subscribe — Socialist Worker (Britain)
  4. No idea, as I say, she wasn't worth stopping to mock let alone invest hard earned luchre in.

    Edited to add: A fiver? you could buy half a pint of mild for that!
  5. The "Fell Spectrum Resistance" section on their page, when you buy more of their output, is simply hilarious!!!!!
  6. During the election I was accosted by a local UKIP candidate. Fussy moustache, blazer with dandruff on the collar, breast pocket full of pens, a nervous tick, hair-raising views on Muslims (European Caliphate/breeding like rabbits loon) and, funnily enough, a burning hatred of Nigel Farage.

    Presumably it was his offspring outside Holborn tube? UKIP dads tend to breed SWP daughters.
  7. Good Lord, definitely an offense against the natural order of things there. Every other filly on the planet seems to be getting better looking.
    Perhaps they are cloning Greenham scarecrows to fill the ranks. Always thought they protested too much about Dolly the sheep, GM and the like.

  8. I was forced to go to one of the protest camps outside Greenham Common, back in the day, to clear up all the shite the 'wimmin' left about the place. I remember being confronted with rape alarms and a chant of "2,4,6,8, men must use the orange gate".

    Rape was never on my mind to be honest. But having to pick the bloody bits of wool from the wire (tampons are an evil mannish invention and were shunned by the peace camp) will stick with me forever.

    Socialist Worker floggers were there as well, of course. I remember clearing up vast piles of the damned things, some used as arrse paper by the wimmin. Again, your average commercial bog roll is a mannish invention too.

    Happy days....
  9. And how was Ashie? Did his lip gloss look ok?

    We've had 1970's debts by ZanuLabour, 'bout time we had the 70's Retro workers and the Braziers out too.
  10. Does anyone who reads Socialist Worker actually work?
  11. At least the Ancient Brit women used to fight topless, just a bit of daub here and there. You can respect that, but hand knitted tofu cardi and red woolly berry? FFS! rip yer fuckin top off you four eyed fuckwit.
  12. First thing I thought on seeing the thread title was a socialist who works must surely be a rarity!
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I think you're being a bit out of line on this. Socialist Worker or not, you should have done the decent thing seeing as she had a pulse and stuffed her guts. Better still, you could have done the commie version of the kidney punch.

    Whilst 'getting your thang', you could wait until you're almost done and then shout "Ooooooh, gaaaawwwd, Thatcher baby, I'm going to cuuuuuuuuum!!", then ride the bucking bronco for all you're worth.
  14. You should have reported them to Trading Standards. They may be Socialists, at least until they leave college or lose their acne, but they are never Workers.

    Rent-a-protest *********. You see the same crowd on Pride Hill in Shrewsbury every week with their trestle table covered in bollocks leaflets about whatever protest is fashionable that week.

    They turned up on our picket line in 1994 when I was on strike for a couple of days. We told them to **** off in no uncertain terms. When you are trying to make a serious point the last thing you need is them hijacking the show. Opportunist ***** the lot of them.