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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KnightsofRowallan, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Not intending to deploy the Outrage Bus here (its VOR, semi-symmetrical foo-foo valve mk2 mod1 is Dues Out), but I came across this story via a blog (I'm not normally a Mail reader, honest Guv)


    Part 2

    As a parent it troubled me and I felt quite sorry for all those involved, especially the children.

    However some more disturbing thoughts struck me, (as this is not an area I have really any direct dealings with them or much interest in how they operate).
    So allowing for journo license, even though these people took their MP/Barrister and a journalist to the meeting they were still fobbed off because they won’t ‘co-operate’ which in this field means ‘doing as you are told’.
    I find it worrying that Social Services tried to dissuade them from taking their MP to the meeting by way of a veiled threat of disclosing information. Then criticised them in a letter for involving their MP in the matter. Surely that’s why we have elected representatives?

    Panorama also did a documentary about Norfolk Social Services and Mark and Nicky Webster. They were accused of abusing their 3 children, and after a single closed hearing lasting a day they were removed and adopted within 6 months. As a sad follow up, they had a 4 child, the SS tried to take that one too, they fought the council in the high courts, won, had there other accusations quashed on appeal, but because their children had now been adopted they can’t get them back.

    Now I realise that Child protection is a sadly necessary evil, and they have done some really good work in recent years, from Cleveland in 1987 through to Victoria Climbie.

    But even after a little further reading there just seems to be no accountability. The adage of - innocent till proven guilty, seems totally alien to them. The Family Courts conduct their business in secret. Everywhere else we are being made to account for our actions constantly. The Police are more accountable and controlled than ever, in the services you can seek a redress. But Social Workers seem to be able to make judgements and you are not able to challenge their veracity, they simple hide behind a wall of bureaucracy and obfuscation and refuse to answer your questions.
    I am yet to see even an apology from the SS in any case they have mishandled. I am hoping that I am actually wrong about all of this, and these cases are very, very rare.

    Either way the question it left me with was, god forbid ‘ If I was in their position what would, or what could, I do about it?’ It left me feeling very, very uneasy.
  2. trick is to be a drug addict and they will bend over to help you :twisted:
    Question there ability and or admit you don't have problems and your fecked.
    Normal people don't need or meet social workers. They don't spend a lot of time round normal people/normal families so forgotten how they work.
    that said norfolk social services needs to be sued into the middle of next week.

    he Curlews, apparently, had told them that when they are old enough, they can vote with their feet and come home (to their grandparents’ house).
    The sanction for this shocking act was that they would no longer be allowed to see them.
    I asked for clarification. ‘So this is not to do with Mr and Mrs Curlew’s relationship with their grandchildren, but their relationship with you?’
    This time, the social worker turned her glare on me. Finally, she admitted: ‘Partly, yes.’

    think the wide mouth frog could take them for every penny that council tax payers can pay after that statement Human rights act a right to a family lif
  3. Council fcuking social workers care more about being seen to be right and 'winning' than doing what is right for kids. As a group, like estate agents, they're scum!
  4. A couzin of mine decided for some reason to get involved with an asian man who had drug problems. They split but now have a daughter who is 8.

    My cousin is borderline schizophrenic therefore SS say not safe to look afte a child.

    The father a "recovering" crack & heroin additc who cannot seem to pass a drug test.

    The kid has been with my auntie, her nan, for the last 2/3 years as SS and the independant people who deal with it said thats is the best place, right next to school, she dont eat pork. My auntie does not even buy pork no more thats how safe she is.

    Anyway....a SS woman went to my auntie and said she has to go and live with the fathers sister and an SS letter was sent. My auntie gave her up thinking she could not do nothing. So off she went to fathers sisters house, containing 6 other kids sharing 4 beds.

    Recently found out the SS worker was a friend of the fathers sister and when the indipendant people found out they went mad as a decision had not been made official. Also the other day my auntie recieve a letter stating a decision will be made soon...from SS??....but so was the one that said remove her.

    SS seem to have "lost" certain files but my aunt and her solicitor have their copys.

    Added to that the legal guardian appointed by the court took the girl out knowing she is muslim and brought her sweets containing jellotine which apparently muslims cant have.

    Also dont know how relevant but the sister is asian, SS worker black and my auntie white. She been told there could be a race issue here with my aunt being white.

    Edited, must read before posting as spelling was shite
  5. the vast majority of social workers do their work quietly and without fuss all the time without anyone being any the wiser.

    Their work is vital to many thousands of individuals and families. They are the only safety net for abused children and given the sheer numbers they have to work with it is hardly surprising that mistakes happen. It is precisely because of our "culture of blame" that vast amounts of red tape exists. You cant do anything without covering your back,something the army is now learning to its cost.

    it is only when there is wrongdoing that their work is thrust into the spot light and "as a group" they are all tarred and feathered for the actions of a few.

    yes in this case one family was broken up but there would have been justifiable reasons for it. If they were wrong then these would have come up in the initial proceedings or the appeal,which they were entitled to.There is always a right to appeal even in the worst cases.

    i know for a fact social services will bend over backwards to keep families together so there is definitely more here than meets the eye. the problem is the family concerned can make all kinds of accusations but the social services cannot disclose their reasons in public. They are not a court of law and there are different rules they have to abide by.

    They are restrained by confidentiality which is what this story is all about.An Mp and a journalist being brought to a meeting without any prior warning is a blatant attempt to blackmail the social services. they cannot disclose the details to a journalist as this breaks every confidentiality rule there is and an MP is basically the same kind of life form. from the sounds of things it looks like the social workers concerned would have informed the family concerned that they could have their meeting without the two individuals not covered or restrained by confidentiality rules.

    As you have probably gathered i am a social worker but i work with adults with disabilities and children. i do not work with families.

    I am also looking for a career change as i am fed up with all the bullsh it that goes on in social services. I am also fed up of all and sundry blaming social workers generally for the stories sensationalised by our so trustworthy media that hangs us out to dry for the few mistakes that are made. There is never a mention of all the thousands of cases where we got it right and saved a child or individual from a life of hell.

    All this leads to is even more red tape and an ever increased likelihood of children being kept in abusive homes as social workers are too scared to do anything about it. oh i forgot we are blamed for not doing enough as well.

    and breathe
  6. Yes, and?

    You're surely not suggesting that this matter should therefore not have been reported?
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Now it may be my Alzheimer's playing me up, but I seem to recall that in these cases the social workers failed massively.

    I live in a county where the social workers also failed, causing the deaths of a number of children, but they have reformed in a very positive way and have since become very efficient yet compassionate. There are still some that slip through the net, mostly because of the workload of the case officers,but the social workers that I come into contact with seem professional, dedicated and caring.

    The story illustrated seems to be that the ego of a caseworker is more important than the welfare -both short and long term - of the children. Hopefully this will be adressed, but one can never be totally sure that the right thing will prevail.
  8. what matter exactly? have you actually read the press coverage?

    the social services are quoted as saying "We wrote to the Curlews in September informing them that contact would be suspended while plans were made for future contact arrangements.

    ‘We have written to them again this week asking them to seek urgent legal advice.

    ‘We have and will continue to recognise the importance of the relationship between the grandparents and their grandchildren. We have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and it would be wholly inappropriate to discuss further what are extremely personal and confidential matters.’

    they have said they seek to continue the relationship between grandparents but have issues regarding them having permanent care of them.

    i presume, without any of the facts that nobody apart from the grandparents and social workers actually know, that they are concerned about the circumstances of the grandparents. They will have checked their suitability and will have found problems there.

    the media,as usual is only interested in sensationalising personal tragedy. the actual parents are incapable of looking after their own children. what access would they be able to have if the grandparents get custody?

    the social workers priority is the well being of the children. it is not breaking up families unless there is no other choice.
  9. I wonder, Fusilier 50, if you would tell us your age, your experience and training. Is it one year for CQSW ? Are you a parent ?

    I have somewhere a copy of a format used by Bolton Child Protection social workers. Measuring outcomes etc

    If I can find it (IF) then I think it might form a basis for discussion of interest to Unsworth. When a surgeon is struck off we don't see all the other surgeons whinging about being tarred with the same brush do we ? But it seems to me that social workers are a particularly sensitive breed.

    What interests me is "Versions of reality". I will have a look for the form (it pertains to one of our former tenants but if I find it I will not publish the case remarks). And what it is ... the Social Services client feedback research of the person reported for child abuse as to the quality of child protection team service to their client ... the reported person is a "Client" ? Who gets to provide client feedback on the quality of Social Services investigation into their alleged conduct.

    This alludes to my point about other reality. I read this form and was bemused. I have an IQ of 146 so I should understand things pretty quickly. But the form suggested to me that it is a case of Condone the social services fools and society will purchase the folly. I will have a look for the documentation. Could be a task to find it though so I am trying to get site manageress in residence on the search.

    One of the matters reported was fleas, cats with kittens none of them let out of house, litter trays and cat poo in baby room etc and baby screaming at night with flea bites. I reckon we still have the pest treatment report for when we evicted the tenant just a couple of weeks after the child protection team, found the house clean and well kept. They did not check the back garden for uncleared up dog poos or cat litter trays put out in bin liners whilst the social worker visited !

    When I cleaned them up rainwater had gone stagnant in the used cat litter thrown outside.

    I have photos somewhere of the total number of rubble sacks I filled with outside crap.

    The social worker report bumps on about the babies being in a a nurturing environment.

    Wife thinks we may have shredded the documentation by now. Will look to see if it is still lurking in the files.