Social workers: "Stalins Russia or Maos China"

Who says so? Some evil Tory no doubt.

Not so: Lord Justice Aikens, Lord Justice Wall and Mrs Justice Baron, dealing with some really spectacular fails by Social Services numpties resulting in cases that:

"....would do little to correct the perception that social workers were "arrogant and enthusiastic removers of children into an unsatisfactory care system – trampling on the rights of parents and children in the process".

"....there was no evidence that the mother had maltreated her baby in any way, or that the violent father of her first child, whom she had agreed should be adopted, would have anything to do with S's baby.

He said the "outside perception" might be of social workers who were effectively saying to the mother: "Whatever you may do doesn't make any difference – we are going to take your child away."

He added: "That is more like Stalin's Russia or Mao's China than the west of England – that is the impression you give."


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Silly judge, that's the whole idea. Welcome to the United Kingdom Soviet Slave State.
Yes... Social Works Departments are often caught between a 'Rock' and a 'Hard Place'. Damned if they do, and damned if they don't. However, some local authority Social Services Departments seem to have racked up poor reputations in their handling of cases. Some even seem to thrive on bad publicity, possibly because they are 'Politcally Motivated' by Marxist Dogma, than by common sense.

Good for these Judges for speaking out against this culture. Has this Social Work mind-set increased under New Labour, or has it always been in the background? Social Sciences, as taught in some Universities, always seems to be dominated by Left Wing Feminism, Marxists and others of that Ilk, where the left political philosophy appears to be more important than pragmatism and common sense.

The litmus test will be when Labour are booted out. Will there be a root and branch change in attitudes within Social Work Departments, and the Social Sciences in general? Possibly not! :scratch:
Nothing whatsoever to do with witch-hunting and lynch mobs whenever a kid gets killed by their parents. Oh, no.

Nothing whatsoever to do with endless purging and cuts of the public sector leaving the individuals with very little time for any one case. Oh, no.

Nothing whatsoever with experienced social workers getting so shit-scared of the Daily Mail that they want to get as far away from the coalface as possible in case their lives get ruined. Oh, no.

In fact, nothing whatsoever like Mao's China or Stalin's Russia because there are routes of appeal for the families that bring these cases in front of a judge and - key point this - the judge is still alive.

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