Social welfare a Polish charity?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. In IT Judge apologises for saying social welfare a Polish charity by GENEVIEVE CARBERY
    Last I looked Irish poverty risks were still lower than in the UK for both employed and jobless, in fact the UK has a comparable rate to Poland where as the Irish risk of being in poverty is close to Germany. The UK is one of the harshest environments in the EU for the bottom decile, the cost of living is high (unlike Poland) and benefits are amongst the lowest in the EU, it also has an inscrutable and complex benefits system that takes some mastering.

    I'm familiar with Poland, it's and up and coming country but the incentives for youth migration are huge given the high differentials in the EU. A lot of Poles are also now familiar with Ireland and despite high unemployment may prefer to scrape along the bottom there occasionally doing the double. They are obviously filling lots of low wage jobs and now outnumber Brits living there despite the frequent family connections with the larger island.

    Irish unemployment is about double the UK levels but given the poverty risk differentials what I find a little strange is there aren't more long term unemployed Brits heading to the RoI to be called a fat Brit ******? They speak roughly the same language, it's not wildly different from home and the benefits are even now significantly better. A diligent chap can even live up near the border and claim on both sides. I can only conclude they are too lazy to better their condition or have not yet despaired of finding work.
  2. An interesting development my Mother tells me of is Poles coming back to Ireland with some of that money they put aside during the 'Gold Rush' and buying up cut price proprties to rent to the locals.

    Say what you will about the polish lads, they are hard workng and enterprising. I can remember driving in from the station to the mothers place at stupid early O'clock in the morning during the good times.

    There's all the Poles

    How do you know they're Poles?

    Sure our lads won't be up out of bed yet!
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  3. Mate of mine from Warsaw has been doing that for a group of Polish brickies who were over during the boom. Buying into well chosen ghost estates for peanuts, sending the boys over to live-in renovate for a share. I'm sure not one is doing the double, one of a long list of his dodgy dealings.