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Facebook posts from our warrior:

Posted early evening - "On my way to camp for a night with some stunning views and good bedtime reading # just me and nature" - this was at the Tommy Jones monument on the approach to Corn Du, next to Pen Y Fan, Brecon Beacons. The bedtime reading was, 'Mountaincraft & Leadership by Eric Langmuir'. We know this because he took a photo of it.

Posted the next morning - "A few more (images) from sunrise and sunset from last night before I went on an all night trek proper wild camping sleeping in trees to stay off the ground to keep warmer rehydrating from fresh streams as and when required I got to my tent at 0640hrs a good adventure all around loving it"

So there we have the 'truth' from this ex-Fusilier (apparently).


Around 00:30 Friday night we're (Brecon Mountain Rescue Team & Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team) notified of a lost and disoriented male, maybe injured - messages garbled, around the Pen Y Fan area, phone now dead can't 'SARLOC'. Both teams mobilised. Deployed from separate RVs to cover most initial likely walk outs. We find his tent (and book, lol) bang on the main path at the TJ monument. The way the tent was set out and kit inside, it looked like the guy had just walked off for a piss, and given the immediate proximity to the face of Corn Du, there's a good chance we could be looking for a misper with serious injuries, exposure (was cold wet & windy) or even possibly a body down by the lake - we love it when it's like that... Teams, including the SARDA dog team, create a plan to search immediate area with a view of working down to the likely areas of walk out to Storey Arms, the Login where his car was parked and possible 'landing zone' - we'd cleared the peaks before finding the tent.

Long story short - four hours after we'd started, our intrepid explorer was located in completely the other direction to his tent, cold wet and feeling sorry for himself (stuffed his clothes full of twigs and leaves for insulation or something!). He'd pitched up, gone to PYF to watch the sun go down, got lost on the way back and walked off the wrong way. He was taken down, warmed up, then driven back round to his car where he said he was going to go home, sort himself out and then collect his tent and stuff the next day. Both Teams stood down - back to base, square kit etc...

As you can imagine, we get to meet quite a few space cadets, but that's fine - we know they have realised that they have made a mistake, usually learn a lesson and will treat the hills with a bit more respect next time. Sometimes we get a thank you and even a donation, we're extremely grateful. But It would seem this fellow hasn't worked it out as he's bigged it up to his mates what a star he is and they've all lapped it up.

I got home at 05:15 - was back out the door at 05:50 to get the vehicles out for a fundraising event - cheers fuck-knuckle.

Luckily he was on his own so no one else suffered from his ineptitude.

If you're on here and work it out - DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!
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Having been to Sennybridge & enjoyed the surrounding area, I can appreciate it is easy to lose your bearings at sunset though he should have had a map & compass with him, but in this case, the expression knob prefixed by ungrateful comes to mind ...

BZ to the teams though ….
Do you think he should have read the book BEFORE going up on the hills?
To be fair, he did do the right thing by calling the Police/MR when he realised he'd naused it up - we'd much rather spend the night looking for someone alive than looking for a body the days after once they've been reported missing.

What annoys me in particular is this is a very good chance to make a point that even the good guys (massive benefit of the the doubt in this case) make mistakes, always plan for the worst (he'd left kit, food & water behind for what he thought was a short bimble (1.4km)), and you never stop learning. It also worries me that it's been dismissed and he may endanger others.

However - I'm having a moan about it here as it's pretty anonymous and I feel it's not the done thing to comment on individual callouts. Just disappointed that someone that says they've 'served' doesn't understand what was actually involved or how best to learn from it.

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