Social media is it Toxic Bubble...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by halo_jones, Jun 26, 2016.

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  1. Nemesis44UK

    Nemesis44UK LE Book Reviewer

    [QUOTE="Simmerit, post: 7889264, member: 136127"

    So yep No problem with the number.[/QUOTE]

    Astonishing when you think that only 2.6 billion people have access to the internet. Still, I suppose it all adds up when you think about it.
  2. Nemesis44UK

    Nemesis44UK LE Book Reviewer

    My personal point of view is that social media is extremely toxic. Cyber-bullying is a horrible thing. In my day, when you went home, that was the end of any bullying until the next day. These days, the bullies can reach inside you when you're tucked up in bed. I'm glad I'm not going to school these days.
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  3. So, fresh with her renewed mandate; Mrs May has taken aim at one of her persistent targets: The Internet.

    Theresa May to launch extreme internet plans despite not winning majority

    She was thundering on the campaign trail:
    Serious policy for the future? Or campaign boogeyman to win some votes?

    (Although I had to chuckle. Whilst the post-election fever was being commented on, Sky News reported MPs were chatting via whatsapp about Mrs May's future. I did think at the time, "bet they are glad of end-to-end encryption now").
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  4. Momba Womba

    Momba Womba On ROPs

    That's aliens you're thinking of.
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  5. I too have noticed this but I am left wondering .......what are they all looking at ?
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  6. They 'text' (verb) each other: "Wassup, dude?"; "Zilch, man. Your end?" "Nuffin, bro. See EastEnders last night?" "Yeah. Awesome, dude". "Laters". They do this to each of their internet 'friends' and it takes a full day each time, every day.
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  7. I have recently binned my Twitter account for the very reasons given by the op. In addition I've given up online news outlets & watching the news.

    I might become an even more ill informed buffoon/racist right wing Nazi on world events who can tell.

    But I had a realisation that I was trawling through SM posts that were just making me angry in there inaccuracy/bias/lies and general f@ckwitidness.

    As for media the majority of so called print & tv journalists want stringing up. Everything has a bias. Loaded with might, could, may & various other caveats that when drilled down mean the article is pretty much meaningless.

    Hot to say I feel better for it. Who said ignorance is bliss. They were right.
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  8. You jelly?
  9. Your post is around 2874 words below your usual wordcount.

    Show again at 22:00 with more words.

    We want our moneys worth lofty!
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  10. Y4 U diss me, man? U unkewl or somtin? I kill U.
  11. No idea. :p
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  12. Ask any frontline police officer how much of their time is taken up with 'harassment' via Facebook. It seems the days of ignoring someone who calls you nasty names has gone. Tell people 'block the sender' or 'leave the platform for a bit' and they react like you've told them to cut off a finger. These drooling mouth-breathers actually go looking for references to themselves then complain when 'my ex's new partner's sister's ex's mother called me a slag'.

    I gave up Facebook for professional reasons a year ago and liken it to giving up smoking, except that I no longer miss FB but do miss the baccy even after 30 years. I log back on at Christmas to send seasonal greetings then deactivate my account again. I lurk on twitter but only follow a few interesting folk.

    Having worked in education for my first two years post-Army I predict a time when exams are shortened to 30 minutes because the litlte snowflakes will start having withdrawal symptoms from their devices after this short time.

    edited because I missed an apostrophe and @ashford_old_school has been suspiciously quiet the last few weeks
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  13. Nice neutral headline there - so "government to enact policy according to Law" The Independent - it used to be.
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  14. I was in two minds to post this either here, or in the Darwin award thread. However as they have spawned, and you know full well some dime bar is going to take a dislike at the fact, even if I point it out, I figure it goes here.

    Shooting to get more views on youtube.

    This reinforces my earlier comments about how there used to be a barrier to getting your message out to the wider world, it was called "a publisher". Now the Internet kills that and lets any idiot spew all over the place.