Social media is it Toxic Bubble...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by halo_jones, Jun 26, 2016.

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  1. Momba Womba

    Momba Womba On ROPs

    I like Milo a lot.
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  2. ...but you don't see, hear or read of him now, do you? He has Offended. It was a knife-edge, it appears, but he stepped over a line. He provided a genuinely subversive, dissenting voice on a number of current ishoos, but he's been shut down. Too disturbing to too many.
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  3. Milo had to be brought down because - he voiced valid opinions on various subjects that would have had other people roundly castigated as bigots but - he managed to get his message across because - he was bullet-proof to a degree on account of also being a member of a "special interest group" that enjoys certain protections from criticism / abuse. He managed to put quite a few "right on" types back in their box.
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  4. Quite. The deepest hatred you could imagine - on a Trigglypuff level - built up until all he had to do was say what he believed to be cast out. I don't share that particularly opinion; I consider homosexual sex repulsive, but I fully accept that he doesn't. I wouldn't dream of saying that in a Guardian comment, though; that would be contrary to 'community standards'. And so a dissenting voice can't be heard.
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  5. It can do a lot, but as you say it's limited. AI will make the difference. I would imaging we will see AI capable of policing content rolled out across social media platforms over the next couple of years. To capitalise on it, global standards will need agreeing, and I can't see that happening for some time..... unless they are imposed by the US, in the case of US listed companies

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  6. The whole concept of 'Hate Speech" is one I have never understood as being anything other than virtue signalling. There has been statue laws that has criminalised malicious or threatening content correspondence, before the internet. There was only the need to include electronically composed, formatted, posted and, or sent into those laws.

    As too moderation of content by social media, this will never be settled even if social media companies are treated as publishers, that is just as likely to see the end of social media as it is today. Although some on both sides of the argument would say that is no bad thing. ;)
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  7. I upset someone in a discussion about 'hate crime' in relation to the Sophie Lancaster case.
    I don't see that a crime against any one particular sub set of the human race being any more important than another. The crime against someone for being a Goth/Gay/MP is a crime against a person, a human being (except in the case of the MP of course) and therefore, to me at least. it's the person who is the important part, not his/her/it's appearance to the outside world.

    Apparently I'm a Nazi thug (again)
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  8. I think the legal concept of "hate crimes" was invented purely because it was politically advantageous with regards to a couple of sections of the electorate who were assumed to "suffer".
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  9. Hi,
    I was in the Army a few years back, 1990's I started. During troubles time, we were not allowed to wear uniform in public etc. Had to cover Bergens with Bin bags etc when leaving the house, ie was a much more discreet/security conscious approach. Now I worry about total lack of security of people on social media who are in important yet dangerous positions. With FB you get friends of friends and realise that many are in same group or detachment fairly easily. If I can work it out the enemy, esp say a large country with high end tech can very easily,as could terror cells. I think in armed forces contracts esp for certain units social media should be banned and illegal as could be seen to affect national security issues. Same with other government depts. I know stocklisted companies like FB would complain but national security has to be ultimate priority surely.
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  10. The RN, on one ship in particular, issued a Space corp directive a couple of years ago regarding posting on social media, and reminding people of various consequences. It was not about national security though - more to do with the fact that what was happening in reality bore no resemblance to what the media / govt were reporting.
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  11. Welcome to the "Special Relationship".

    More special to one than the other....
  12. Nemesis44UK

    Nemesis44UK LE Book Reviewer

    Every single man, woman and child in the world login 6 times a day? I don't doubt that you read that, but that number seems unfeasibly high, no?
  13. 40 billion are sockpuppets
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  14. Its direct from Microsoft. Given what they are doing with Cloud technologies and applications, its gen - I dont doubt it for a moment, but I know what they are up to as I'm in the trade. It will include everything from Linkedin to Azure, and Office 365 which is now in the Cloud.

    If you use Microsoft Cloud for storage of documents and on line working, you are logging into their service. That will be counted in the figures. Microsoft own Linkedin - a social media business application. XBox online gaming - on Azure, which is their Cloud equivalent to AWS from Amazon. just closed its datacentres and put them on AWS. Companies are doing the same with Azure. Where do you think operating system updates come from for Windows operating system smartphones, and how many windows phones are there out there? They will be in that figure. Note sure where facebook host their Apps. Just think about it for a minute - how many Cloud based Apps are there, and hpw many of them are running of one of the two biggest public Cloud services in the world - one being AWS, the other being Azure.

    So yep No problem with the number.
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