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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Three seperate social or political issues have cropped up on my facebook several times each this afternoon as my various thoughtless and dumb 'friends' smash the like button in response to any public outcry that's gaining momentum. I only have about 30 or 40 friends on it and it seems they're all taking turns to like each status which means it keeps popping up.

    • The first is a big long message to Strathclyde police about a convicted peadophile living nearby. This comes from a concerned father who's wondering what the police are going to do about the situation. The status has about 100,000 comments from various twats demanding a lynching (literally in some cases) and it seems to be all parents just going on about hanging pedos.

    • The next is some message to 10 Downing Street's facebook page from a father that hasn't had access to his kids in x year and is paying child support he can't afford. This one is a bit of an arguing one as women go on and defend his missus and guys go on and talk about it being a joke. Mis-spelling and shit grammar is a great laugh on this one.

    • And the last one is a guy commenting on a night club page about how they're biased and let underage girls in but not underage boys. This one is also a big huge debate and the initial writer of the message is an illiterate ******* moron.

    It got me wondering why these people don't take their issues directly to the source rather than posting all over facebook about it to what is basically an online poster operated by members of the organisations marketing teams. Does it ever get anybody anywhere? It's tedious as **** listening to these issues over and over and watching as people I know who usually have no interest in this shit basically give them a free endorsement for it.

    I was really interested in all the Twitter outrage that had been going on over the last year or so. From Tom Daley's thing about his dad from some young twat with no filter who ended up getting investigated and arrested; to a guy who made an irate comment about blowing up an airport for a joke and ended up in court. I couldn't believe how seriously these things were taken, where people were actually being lifted by the police, even when these people themselves were receiving threats and being ridiculed from thousands of other social media users.

    It's easy to say that you can ignore it (and that's what I did with the three issues I mentioned above) but ultimately these things always end up somewhere. I just wonder if it really can be for the greater good. Say our man with the child support issue gets a response from the government and gets involved in some campaign or other to make laws more flexible there - I know it's unlikely but let's get hypothetical here - then that would probably be a positive result for a lot of people. I can understand that.

    But it also allows utter morons to spout bollocks about sensitive issues that they know little about, which could potentially be seen as law-breaking or rights-infringing or whatever we want to call it. A lot of that gets lost in the mix when these big outrage moments appear. Should we really be paying as much attention to social media as we have been in the last two years or so? And if we are, I'm going to point out that we should also be taking social issues to heart. Even if it is something simple that could be resolved by going through the proper authorities.
  2. Your on Facebook? you've only yourself to blame.
  3. There are basically three reasons.

    One is that the people who do it are morons and can't work out that they're doing the equivalent of shouting at an advertising hoarding.

    Another is that the people who do it are cowards who can't stomach the prospect of confrontation with someone who may say 'no' and resort instead to the online equivalent of pissing into their letterbox.

    Finally, people overestimate the power of social media and this is particularly true of those for whom it's a major part of their social lives. They can't quite figure out that there are people in the world to whom it doesn't actually matter and who can't be bullied by The Power of Facebook.

    All of the above are, of course, utter ***** who could benefit the world best by removing themselves from it.
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  4. They are behaving a tad like some on arrse then,so what's the problem?
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    'Tis the Tower of Babel, I tells ye.
  6. Social Media - it's very common