Social integration?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bisley, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Does your detachment or county have cadets from diverse cultural and ethnic origin? We have some, and smashing kids they are to. However given the demographics they are in the minority. Do we do enough to encourage such youngsters and their parents to consider the cadet organisations? What are your thoughts?
  2. I understand what your saying, but as far as recruitment goes i try and find cadets not races or demographics.
    In fact its something ive never even thought about, i have been doing this for a while now and never gone out with the intention of recruiting ethnic and or other,
    a cadet is a cadet is a cadet!
    who cares? just get em in and off the streets,
    kids are all the same if they like something they will stay and do it if they dont they will leave!
    please excuse for spelling or mong statements
    as i am very hung over!

  3. I have to agree with Troop. It iritates me that employers often employ people because of their race, gender, sexuality or disability rather then their ability to do the job. I would hate to see the ACF follow the same road, in that we should be trying to capture & maintain the interest of all kids not just ones that may be sightly different in whatever way.

    I do appreciate what you're saying though Bisley. Heres a question for you, how do you suggest that we do more to encourage such youngsters and their parents to consider the cadet organisations?
  4. I found a stack of pictures going right back to the early sixies of my south london/inner city ATC unit. Half the faces were black or asian.

    I can only attribute that to them being the children of Commonwealth settlers whose first encounter with the UK was in Bomber Command during WW2. A large number of Bomber crews came from India and the Caribbean. They didnt like Norfolk or Lincolnshire in the Winter too much!

    Strangely now we have only one black cadet. And I havent seen him recently...

    I'm not going to pander to ethnic groups, but I don't care what colour they are. All Air cadets are blue AFAIAC.
  5. I have one instructor and three cadets from non-white origins.

    However, this is purely by accident. I do not and will not pander to ethnic requirements or expectations. All recruits will conform the ACF's requirements or they will not become cadets.

    End of story.
  6. All good points and I think I have misled you all again, I am not trying to be PC about this. I discovered recently that Jehovas Witnesses will not allow thier children to become cadets. I am really interested to know of any cultural issues that would prevent kids from ethnic backgrounds joining cadets. I have no idea what stategies could be adopted but it occurs to me that in a multi cultural society there is not a representative number of young people in the cadet force. This thread was entirely for the purpose of debate and hopefully my enlightenment.