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Discussion in 'OTC' started by SCoy, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. After last year's disappointing show socially wise in our company, I'm on the lookout for new ideas. The whole OTC events (e.g. Summer Ball, on camp entertainments) went well, and were enjoyed by all. The problem, as I see it, was the lack of events on Drill Nights and so forth - as a company.

    Now, I know that the other companies (Aber especially) have a great social life with many events.

    Now Swansea are a great punch of people and I am sure would welcome more organised events, (not that we need a drinking excuse - although perhaps a few more people in the bar at 'time' on camp were needed!)

    The main problem as I see it is the location of the TAC in relation to the town (Both Aber and Cardiff are near to the pubs/clubs, in addition to having good facilites on site). I'll admit, that, especially with my lecture schedule this year, it is hard to find the energy to go out, especially with the distances to travel etc.

    Anyway, my question is to find ideas/events that will be able to be staged after a parade, or with a minimum of effort on another night.
    Examples under consideration already are a casino night (black tie, with poker etc), 'Cops and Robbers' fancy dress bar crawl, Laserquest (but with a pub session beforehand) amongst others.

    Anyone got any others? :D
  2. How about

    a)Potted sports - a series of five or six minor games, where everybody has to play in something be it volleyball, indoor cricket or "Superstars". Then upstairs for drinkies and fun

    b)Games night - sod the potted sports, straight upstairs for drinkies but with the added spice of mess games - Montekitty, Moriarty, Leg Wrestling, Spoon and string race (mixed, excellent ice-breaker), Orange under chin relay (ditto), Cointreau-Whisky-Brandy relay (brilliant in a large ante-room) and so forth culminating in the final event yacht racing. At some point the unit spanner/black-catter can be spammed up for some table hanging.

    c)Hot dog eating competition

    d)Beer racing

    e)Bingo - cheesey but great fun with the proceeds going to RBL (topical)

    f)Indoor horse racing. Need some cardboard horses heads stuck to broom handles, a couple or few rolls of wallpaper divided in "squares" and a big dice. Jockeys can be volunteers or pressed men. Throw the dice, move down the rolled out paper. Bets can be placed, proceeds once again to charity...drink taken, jobs a good 'un.

    g)...that is quite enough for you to get the ball rolling you idle young cadet you...why in my day..rustles Telegraph....bloody man too good for 'em...

    "Come on Colonel, let's go back to the day room, it's time for your blue pill!"
  3. Thanks very much Cuddles - it is only through the wisdom of the old that one can truly learn :wink: :lol:

    Erm, pardon my ignorance, but what are the quoted games?
  5. Yes, I have belatedly realised how my initial post might have read. As I stated, my personal preference was to just concentrate on the training. However, I have received opinion that we do not do enough socialising as a Company, as therefore as a member of the Entertainments Committee it is my job to do something about it :)
  7. Ours start c.18:45 and finish c. 21:00 then into bar for 'Any other business' and so forth.

    PM en route. :)
  8. A tough job, someone will always be unhappy about what you have organised or will moan about the cost.

    Had a similar job a few years ago, organised a karaoke night for the NCO`s mess, hired a pukka system, it was setup for us, lights , smoke, current tunes, guys loved it.

    Fuddy duddies, cost too much , too loud and we already have a karaoke machine, yeah twin cassette decks and 10 watt output, so good luck mate!

  9. Are you sure in Cardiff we start at 1750hrs and are mean to finish at 2100hrs but never do.
  10. And at EMUOTC they have an entire afternoon. Different OTCs have different timings.
    1900-2100 is 2 hours training, making a pay sheet easy to fill in. Even the most brain-dead mong can work out he just ticks the "Quarter Day" box. :p
  11. Far far too keen. Two hours quality training and get in the bar at 2100, or if its a big planned night 2000.
  12. We're supposed to be assembled at 18:30, but we never actually get around to doing anything much in the first half hour.
  13. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    SCoy, you have the biggest mess game available on your door step:

    Out of green kit and into jeans, leave Trg Centre and turn right, on
    the command go start the Mumbles run and continue until reaching
    the Night Club on the Pier (name escapes me).

    Alternatively IIRC the Drill Hall was perfectly located next to the bar to enable Mess Rugby and British Bulldog to be played at very short notice.
  14. True, there is the Mumbles Mile, but having tried it a couple of times it does cost a lot (relatively) and I was trying to find something more 'constructive' for example, rather than just drinking, which we can do anytime. :)
  15. I'm just trying to grasp the concept of an OTC social without drinking. Now that would be revolutionary, sh1t but revolutionary.