Social Darwinism or a Tragic accident?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by HorseGuard, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. Not a great deal :? :? :?
  2. guess he wont be doing that again.
    thought parents where meant to have a vauge idea where their kids were?
  3. or is that an invasion of the kids civil liberties?

    £10 says parents try to sue Railtrack for not putting better fences along side the rail tracks?

    My Pitty is directed to the train driver - bet he has to have counciling, not every day you cut a kid in half.

  4. personally id rather invade their liberties than have one of them cut in half :lol:
    right about the driver though, feel sorry for him the kid knew it was dangerous so no sympathy there im afraid.
    in the words of a greater man than i 'if ya want sympathy its in the dictionary twixt shit and sypilis' :lol:
  5. i've got to admit , my first reaction was to p*ss myself , tough sh*t you little tw*t , dont come running to me for sympathy (groan) :roll:
  6. surely to young to be going downtown getting legless :lol:
  7. still it could be a blessing in disguise for his parents , have you SEEN the price of trainers!!!!!!
  8. poorlittle sod. Haven't you buggers done some ridiculous things in the past especially when younger
  9. i certainly did , and a general rule of thumb is the stupider it is , the higher the price to be paid when it goes t*ts up .... and as stupid things go , this is right up there , and he isn't the first little maggot to get "taken down a peg or two" (more groans)
  10. certainly did, and was aware of the consequenses to follow if it went wrong and wouldnt expect any sympathy if it did as it would have been my own doing :lol:
  11. Ah, Yes, Good old hindsight & the wisdom of age!!
  12. Don't know about you lot, but my basic knowledge of physics at that age taught me to stay away from moving trains....

    One day surfing trains, the next nicking cars - I believe this is where Karma made an early appearance in this chaps life! :roll:
  13. Obviously I wouldn't wish that sort of injury on anyone but the little tw*t will have great difficulty being an anti-social hooligan in the future. I'd like to see him burgle my house and nick the motor now! Chop all their legs off and sterilise their chav mothers too. Chunter.....chunter....