Soccer club mourns legend, then realizes hes alive

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by intergeri, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. LONDON (AP) - An English amateur soccer team mourning the death of one of its greatest players discovered an important error in the tributes by the club and local press to the 86-year-old man — he's still alive.

    Tommy Farrer had the rare distinction of reading his own obituary as a former "legend" with northern amateur side Bishop Auckland FC.

    The mistake came to light when an official of the club, which held a solemn minute of silence before a match last week, called Farrer's wife to offer condolences.

    A surprised Gladys Farrer said her husband had indeed departed — but only for a few minutes to buy a newspaper and would be back soon if the official wanted to talk to him.

    Farrer, a former England amateur who played in three Wembley finals, said in Friday editions of the Northern Echo: "We are not upset, but we did think it was a bit of a joke at first."

    Farrer said he wants to play down the mistake, saying it was time to "let it die." :D
  2. it might cost a bit more to print an obituary when the old cnut does die so they probably thought they,d beat the credit crunch by posting it a bit early.
  3. Club secretary should have gone round there and rectified the situation straight away!
  4. What the feck is soccer
  5. Think it maybe a game involving a sock and two teams? Not sure though :D
  6. For any yanks on here not sure what football is, the pic below should help.

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  7. Oh yea they call there wussy Rugby deriative football...
    Fecking Hermers
  8. similar to heskey or ronaldo, they have been known to lay flat out on the pitch for 90 mins at a time giving the impression that they are lifeless.
  9. Yea unfortunatly footie has become a sport of hermers, not like the old days