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Soccer AMs - Iron Soldier

Is it a lad from Para Regt who is currently winning the Iron Soldier on Soccer AM? it never seems to close in on the leader board...

Could have sworn it was an R.E. Cap Badge up there this morning!


A little off topic, but I had the pleasure of showing HellsBells my PA in one of my local pubs, not so long ago :D Bless her, she's a right little minx!
I wonder if any football skills group have ever tried getting on the show as a group of 'fans' to blast the ball in the hole competition apart... there's a thought... Best of ARRSE football skills wise on Soccer AM...
Thanks Knocker, I did get a tiny glimpse at the Leaders Board this morning and could have sworn it was an R.E Cap badge in there, after all these weeks of telling my Son it's a Para who is leading the competition, it's his favourite thing on T.V.!

That's great to know, I was at the Beach myself for some time!


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