Soccer AM, Armed forces Heroes T-shirts

reason i joined ARRSE is that on saturday glasgow rangers laid on an excellent reception for the armed forces for remembrance day. 1000's of free seats for servicemen and women. the minutes silence was started and ended by an artillery gun firing. all the services were allowed to take to the pitch at half time, some even "borrowing" a ball or two to score a few goals, lol.
heres a link to some of the pics,

anyway the real reason im writing is SOCCER AM on sky do a armed forces heroes t-shirt thing with a team being nominated to get the t-shirts and their pic taken and put on the show.

it would be good it you guys on here could take the time and email soccer am and nominate glasgow rangers for the privilege of wearing the t-shirts.

wishing you all a safe career in the forces
I'm nominating Celtic just to cause more outrage when they don't wear them!
I'm nominating Celtic just to cause more outrage when they don't wear them!
they already refused to wear them last saturday. that battle is already won. nominate rangers and rub the salt into the wound. ;)


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Rangers (spit) are very good to their forces fans, when in Iraq we had a little experiment; our platoon roughly 50 50 (with some weird exceptions, shinty players and the like) so we took two photos, one eleven blokes with Rangers tops and a Union Jack, one ten bloke with Celtic tops and a Lion Rampant both got sent off to the respective fan mags. Guess which one got published?

Celtic normally wear the poppy on their tops, however noticed on Sunday's game neither them or St Johnstone were wearing poppies but ref and assistants were, very strange?

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