Sobraon Day


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Bit more on the battle of Sobraon here

In the picture of Sgt McCabe planting the Queen's Colour on the Sikh rampart there is clearly in the foreground Johnny Gurkha waving his kukri at a large and plainly demoralised Sikh gent. Sobraon was one of the first battles in which British troops and their new Gurkha allies fought side by side...... Rung Ho !

Also mentioned are the battles of Multan and Goojerat (sic) names which may be familiar to Tidworth based perss - accomm blocks in the Garrison bear these names today ( as well as the more recently familiar Kandahar and Jalalabad commemorating earlier British Army stays in a very hard campaign...)

Well done Queens Regt - ( PWRR these days?)


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Hear Hear!

Happy Sobraon Day indeed, and may as many as possible of you be well on the way to leglessness already - and make sure to drink the Officer's Mess dry :)
Happy Days! It is a good website - a great Regiment too, the Queen's Royal Surreys, but not very long lived sadly, but whose spirit was carried proudly by the 1st Battalion The Queen's Regiment, keeping the link alive from 1661 to 1992. The Museum at Clandon House is excellent too, if you have a spare couple of hours.
I salute, albeit tardily, the exploits and the memory of those soldiers whose hardships we can barely imagine - unless 'we' are currently 'belting seven bells of hell' out of the Taliban!

This tiny island, whose men and women, over centuries, have founded and defended an Empire; and then by God's Will, had that Empire in turn defend it - does not deserve the political masters that currently hold thrall.

My gallant and ancient neighbour (late 31st and 70th of Foot) : now departed for the great parade-ground in the sky, was the epitome of why Hitler, and the Kaiser before him, had no chance whatsoever of conquering this nation.

It would take ten, maybe fifteen, seconds to read part of the old soldier's story. 'Google' 6141443 - and, and, well - I didn't even know we had troops in Shanghai.

Fit as a fiddle, doing his own shopping, cleaning and laundry, and still British Infantry 'punchy', aged 87, the NHS 'did for him' with clostridium difficile. St George's Tooting - 19 Jan 07.


Sobroan Day Huuuurah hopefull as many of the PWRRs Sgts Messes are absolutley ratarsed by this time of night - enjoy guys you've earnt it.

P.S. Make sure the young rupert they send to try and re-takethe colours gets what he deserves!!
Greetings to you all on this, the anniversary of the Batle of Sobraon.

Congratulations to the Sobraon Sergeant. Stand fast the officers - Sergeants' Mess carry on!


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I know it was yesterday, but I couldn't get on ARRSE.

Belated greetings to all my fellow ARRSErs on the 168th anniversary of the Battle of Sobraon.
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