Sobering video

I've just come across a video from last year on the 1st Infantry Division website. We've all seen the US casualty figures from Iraq, but just look at the list of casualties from this one formation, which starts about a third of the way through the vid:

1ID Fallen Soldiers Video

Sobering, or what?
Sobering and unforgettable video, Donny. Thank you. By the way I think the most recent casualties mentioned were from this year.

1st ID is the oldest continuously serving Division in the US Army. It shared a boundary with one of our own Divisions in GW1 and in Bosnia, and no doubt at other times in the histories of our two countries. Their recent Commanding General is quite a character. DUTY FIRST!
Most old war memorials have a list of young mens names, of those who have fallen.

Strange and eye opening to see a cas list with more than a few female names in it too.

Very moving video, the reading when the woman's voice cracked was particularly so.
Very sobering indeed... But only some of the few... A shame they were lied to... Still NO wmd's

A big price to pay.


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