Soapy gets a kicking

I've just been having a trawl through questions of the week and found this little gem by a bloke who went through Harrogate in the early 70's.

Which one of you was it then??

We had a similar lad in our recruit troop when i went through the AAC in the late 80's. Welsh bloke, far to many L's in his name to pronounce and no matter how hard the bloke tried his breath still stank of the gents and his BO would knock you out at 10 paces. I stayed in the same room as him for a while and was woken up by someone dropping a bumper on him in his sleep. I piped up that that was slightly out of order and was rewarded for taking the moral high ground with a polyprop chair across the face. I learned a valuable lesson that night; namely it was the last time i was sticking up for the fezzing welsh cnut.

Any other tales of your times at the AAC?
As you now walk amongst the halloed turf that was once the JLR RCT/RAOC Regt I think you should know that we were once "caught" by the Sqn OC filling in a grot outside 90 Sqn's block (between the Sgt's mess & radar Stn next to the triangle) & was told by OC to fill him in were he would not see it :roll: also a certain other arrse user throw a locker out the window and then proceed to cover it in lighter fluid the torch it on a Friday night.........happy days
We had a 'Fez' in our room in the early 80's at AAC Harrogate. He got the full treatment - one night the duty PS Sgt inspected his lock, found a pair of 'soiled' undercrackers stuffed in a DMS Boot IIRC - it was solid, if you know what I mean.

Didn't survive recruit troop, festering smegger.
Ming merchants.

Smelly fcukers.
That storey sounds like sh1t.

For a start, the bath "cubilces" wouldn´t allow more than 3 people in them!

Likewise Apprentice ships were 2 years not 3.

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