soap your arse and slide backward down a rainbow

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BONNACON, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. Soap your arse and slide backwards down a rainbow. By Rosaleen Linehan

    Can any one help me out here? Since about 1997 this line has been quoted by members of my family when someone was down in the dumps. Only ever heard the song once on the gaye Burns show new years eve 96/7.
    Family dropping like flies now and it would be nice to have a copy. Any ideas where I can get one?
  2. Yep seen that not on. Was hoping by now it would be on youtube but no luck. Trust me it's a good un.
  3. I tried that once and got impaled on a leprichaun,,,,,It was nice Mmmmm...
  4. I've just come across this for the first time. You can access the lyrics and the song sung by Rosaleen Linehan by going to RTE Podcasts. Find the list containing "Miriam meets" Click and scroll down to Miriam O'Callaghan's interview with Rosalen Linehan and her son. The "Soap" song, complete with explanation of how it came about ,can be heard 26.45 minutes into the interview. (However, the whole interview is worth a listen!) And now you have a brand new party piece. Enjoy!
  5. Given up hope of finding it Thanks very much Katzenbogen I owe you one for that. Brought back happy and sad memories of new years eve 1997/8 in a very cold and snowey Ireland. Snowed in my aunt had just died a few weeks before all feeling like miseries mother. Soap yer arse came on the gaye burns show and turned the mood. Only herd it once but remember every word.
  6. Soap your arse and slide backwards up a rainbow
    All you need is some hope
    And a clean bar of soap
    And a slippy backside.

    Sung by Rosaleen Linehan on the Late late Show in the 1980s or early 1990s, well before 1997. The song may have been written by Rosaleen Linehan together with Des Keogh, but I cannot confirm this information.

    Note, you slide backwards up the rainbow, not down the rainbow as the question stated.
  7. how would you slide u the rainbow?

    Surely the presence of soap would preclude any attempt at sliding up a steep incline? In fact it would turn in to a sort of greasy pole affair wih the attemptee clawing madly at the rainbow and waggling their legs in a frenzied attempt to find purchase.

    Basically it shows a lack of grasp on the finer points of climbing... and possibly a huge amount of the drug of choice in the '80s. Wasn't it Es in dem days?
  8. The scientific community recognizes that the laws of physics prohibit a soapy arse from sliding backwards up a rainbow under normal conditions of temperature, pressure, humidity, and sobriety but a paper in Nature by Prof. Beim Schlafengehen in 1927 announced research results revealing how sly interventions of wit have been observed in a bubble chamber to interfere with normality, creating a pulsating random force field that sends sobriety arse over tea-kettle. The mathematics at the back of all this is jaw dropping stuff and, subsequently, the professor was short-listed for the Nobel Prize.

    As an aside, woe betide the slippery adventurer whose tender anus snags on a damaged rainbow splinter, especially when he has been mean with the soap. The stories told after hours by emergency room personnel about such chromatic nightmares would freeze your blood, apparently. Don't even ask.
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