Soap-dodging student wnakers!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HH_2, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Ok I'll accept i'm still a soap-dodging student wnaker myself, but I was still infuriated by some cnut who in response to hearing someone wished to join the army posted some rather violent pictures of dead soldiers and then launched into a tirade attacking anyone 'idiotic' enough to join the army.

    I know I should ignore the stupid fecker because he is clearly an oxygen theif, but it depresses me to think that many of my fellow students think like this is the naafi bar, any good sick images of students being hanged for making bloody stupid comments? Any cutting insults other than the rather bland "your a cnut" which I have already used?:p.
  2. Quote who?
    Link who?
    Can't help you without evidence, sweetheart!
  3. at the moment iam sh@gging a fcuking fit just turned 20 uni bird that gives head for 45mins at a time after bolting my man glue so uni students are ok by me !! :headbang:
  4. it happens, give us the details.
  5. let me sync my phone with my pc and i will upload the pic ......not tonight as i cant be fcuked.
  6. its not just students mate..........there are cunts among the general public who feel the same.
  7. slightly off topic but I was working with a clown of all things once and he was reading a book that some gung ho journo had written about HM forces and he started wingeing to me about the forces throwing a cordon up and not letting the journos in to see the after mess of an IED in NI, the author was having a right fcuking moan about it and this clown knowing I was ex forces took the journos side and had a go at me because it spoilt his read - he was into blood and guts - what the clown hadn't grasped was it was a true story, I knew the guy who was killed, I'd chatted with him whilst having a shave that morning, and I'd subsequently been part of the cordon that stopped our heroric journo from gory watching. I decked the clown on the spot (sorry emotions where still high - and still are) the fcuker has never worked with me since, funny that.
  8. Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but the proles dont give a fukc about anything of any consequence.
    Sure, they want a new sofa, big telly, good deal on a mobile phone etc, but they coudn't give a toss about the big picture.
    Save yourself a lifetime of anguish, and accept now, that 97% of people are a waste of oxygen, rations and your concern.
  9. proles? forgive my ignorance.
  10. :numberone: Spot on sandman :)
  11. Proletarian - member of the proletariat - man of common birth aka civvy chav scum.
  12. ahh, thanks
  13. We get it in town all the time. Dikchead people who can't tell the difference between the Govt. that started the wars and the blokes/blokesses that have to go and fight them.

    "Sign my petition to get them murderin' squaddies out of Iraq, mate."

    The armed forces are so small that 95% of the population has nothing to do with us at all, and so their ignorance gets confounded. Its only those with mate/families that even care, unless it is some convienent issue that the papers can bash HMG with that is.
  14. I find that writing biting, yet witty, comments on their posters they stick up everywhere helps sooth any anger. :thumright: