Soap Dodgers/Students (merged discussions)

Jolly good idea, just what i needed afdter a hard days work, i do enjoy abusing our communist buddies.
I'll be on that one sometime tonight. Pen name will be 'Geoff Hoon'. New thread will be called 'Women & Kids. Are they legitimate targets?'
If anyone wishes to join me, please keep the thread a bit on the serious side as not to give me away. Hopefully I'll get a few bites, before letting them know that I've taken the Queens Shilling. :wink:

Fuckin' Hippies!
Bloody funny guys, but don't give youselves away by use of "forces type language......."

"well at home" - AT I picked this up, but the lefties on here might not spot it.

Oldbloke - you won't get away with that one for long!!

Ma - where's yours? I was SO looking forward to seeing you take the piss out of this lot!!
Arkanstigger - media studies degree!!!!! Splorrfffffff. No way they're going to fall for that one??? but it gave me a damn good laugh. I am trying to egg you on - (I'm stopitnow in your refugees thread)

Ma, OK I'm just a thick scaly so where is your thread?? Have they removed it already? Give me a clue (or a URL please)
:D Thanks for your appreciation of my language skills stopitnow! :D
I might let it rest a bit to see if they swallow the Ocilima thing!!
Like drowning puppies, sick but fun.... :twisted:

Quality posts! :lol:

They don't seem to have worked out your name yet either. Excellent. I would have put something up myself but I was laughing too much.

I can't find Ma's posts either :cry:
OK I've looked properly now and found the comments. I've even added some. More fun than shooting fish in a barrel. Wonder how long they'll

a) leave any of the comments up
b) Take to realise they shouldn't allow anonymous posting!

try looking at the comments made on the existing topics on the same site Arkanstigger is posting too - when you get to the Geoff Hoon ones you've foumd Ma.

Who's the anonymous with the lentil fetish then??
Sorry ViroBono - I obviously am just thick. Right idea - look at the comments on the existing topics, but wrong site - look at the original link at the top of the thread.

I like lentils, but I'm on as BobbySands under the verbose Iraqi thing that Ma was posting on.
Cracking last post Arkan :lol: pissed my self laughing at that one.
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