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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by degsy, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. I'm going to ITC in Jan as a Pl Comd following my stint in Iraq. Already a capt but wonder if there are any SO3 jobs for me after that in Scotland, perhaps in HQ 2 Div. I'm Kings Div. And I really can't be arrsed going back to Bn after ITC to be an RSO or some other such drudgery. The Scotland factor would benefit my personal circumstances although I wonder if it would hinder my career?
  2. Computer says - Nooo
  3. Current Grade 3 posts are advertised on the APC website. I assume, however, that you will do 2 years as a Pl Comd, and be looking for a posting in 2008. The SO3 posts available at this time will not appear on the jobs list until Oct/Nov 07.

    As for career prospects, what do you think? 2 Div is an RF Div, its overwhelming pointlessness in career advancement only equalled by its companion 5 Div - you avoid these type of places if you have any aspiration to get promoted. Top level generally vg, remainder comprise of those in the Last Chance Saloon or shelf life expired.

  4. E1 Inf capts' posts in Scotland:

    Coy 2IC 45 Cdo (Arbroath)
    OC 24 Cadet Trg Team (Edinburgh)
    OC 21 Cadet Trg Team (Inverness)

    E2 capts' posts in Scotland:

    SO3 G3 Trg/Ops HQ 52 Bde
    SO3 G2 Int/Sy HQ 52 Bde
    SO3 G3 Cts & Coord HQ 2 Div
    SO3 G3 Org & Cts HQ 52 Bde
    3 x GLOs at RAF Lossiemouth
    SO3 G3 Org & Cts HQ 51 Bde
    SO3 G3 O&D HQ 51 Bde

    I echo the previous poster: HQ 51 Bde and HQ 2 Div are dealing with infrastructure and 2nd eleven issues. HQ 52 Bde may be worth investigating but the others are probably not career-enhancing.
  5. OK thanks folks. Doesn't seem to be too much there I'd do. Perhaps 19X, my current Bde will offer more when the move to Scotland and NI allegedly occurs. A while away yet anyway. The test is to see if I can last another 2 years in this crazy mixed up army
  6. Degsy,

    Don't discount 52x as it is soon to re-subordinate to 3xx and will become the permanent provider for the SLE.
  7. Degsy,

    I'd be bloody surprised if your Battalion didn't tell you that you are coming back when you finish at ITC, probably as RSO as well. If they do allow you to go, 52 Bde is the place; great location (Edinburgh Castle) and it has just been activated as a full Brigade to deploy to Afghanistan. However, it is a pretty competitive place to get a job and as someone who has done 2 x Pl Comd tours they won't be in a rush to take you on.
  8. Degsy.

    Albeit that you have recently returned from the sandpit, if you are even vaguely career-minded you must get back out on an op-tour ASAP after a tour in a training establishment. Currency and credibility is everything. What’s on offer will have changed 18 months from now but you should be thinking in terms of UNMO (perhaps Sudan by then), ADC to a big-cheese… Thereafter – think about “cap badge profile”, if you see yourself climbing the regimental tree you will need to be seen back in the fold. Good luck.
  9. Wouldn't it make more sense (yes I know... :roll: ) to give 2xx a real role, as a third (light) deployable HQ (19x 52x and 16x)?
  10. You are halfway there - look at the formation of 6xx...
  11. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    SO3 G1 (G4?) Log Sp HQ 51 Bde is also advertised but be quick interviews (so I understand) will be held in early March :wink:

    And no I'm not in 51 Bde nor Scotland (but I do have a Visa for Stirling) :highfive:
  12. MS_Rep

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    52 Inf Bde moved to u/c 3 Div in Jan. 19 Lt Bde moves to NI in 2008.

    If this is too much detail then please delete :thumright:

    If anyone wants more just PM me :yawnstretch: