So3 g1 - hohne

£23 grand? Mwahhahahaha
23k plus free housing, free utilities, COLA, tax free entitlement (whilst in Germany). All adds up
Not bad if you have a pension already; makes it all beer money. Though I'd expect the desk to get very busy as the place draws down.
Too many memories,mostly bad.


Oh me please, me please but only with the following TACOS:

I reserve the right to use the title Capt (retired) even if I was a SNCO
I insist on being called Sir
I must be able to push to the front of the queue in the med centre or any other garrison facility (I am a busy man dontcha know)
Opening hours must be for my convenience and not the military
Everyone must understand that I have been there, seen it, done it and in my day it was much harder.

in fact just standard TACOS of an MSF. ^~

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